The bull market nobody’s talking about

Patrick Poke

There's no cure for low prices like low prices, and if you're looking for low prices, uranium has suffered some of the lowest of any commodity in recent years. Uranium reached a low of US$18/lb at the end of 2016, a far cry from the US$130/lb it fetched in 2007.... Show More

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Uranium: Is this a breakout?

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

Interest is building in uranium, and in this wire, Greg Peel discusses the third highest monthly volume on record, spot prices up 14% year on year, and uncertainties on both sides of the market. Show More

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Uranium: Interest is building

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

The spot uranium price ticked up again last week and growing 2019 demand suggests further upside. In this wire, Greg Peel discusses improving prices, the US conundrum, and new reactors for Japan. Show More

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On the crest of a uranium wave?

Tim Boreham

The paradox of the current uranium market is that the more the major producers curtail output because of a stubbornly low price for the commodity, the higher the hopes of a recovery. Show More

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An overlooked commodity with huge catalysts

Michael Goldberg

A few months ago we wrote on Livewire that the spot price of Uranium was far too low based on the fundamentals of the industry, and that it was like buying oil at $20/barrel. While prices have not moved higher yet, it is rare to see a commodity with so... Show More


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Like buying oil at $20 a barrel

Michael Goldberg

Uranium stocks have been quietly gaining in recent months, however, we expect materially more from the sector as it continues to rationalise in the medium-term. To put the current price of uranium into terms more familiar: we believe it is trading at the equivalent of oil at US$20 per barrel. Show More

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The momentum continues for junior resources

Mark Gordon

The junior resources market is continuing the momentum that started in 2016. Although we saw the gold price, which has been one of the main drivers of the recovery in the sector, fall in the latter part of the year, it has now recovered and is trading back above US$1,200/oz.... Show More

Three Junior Equities Benefitting from Uranium's Recovery

Gavin Wendt

Uranium has been the most-hated commodity since 2011 - and the Global X Uranium ETF, which tracks global uranium miners, is down by 90% over the last six years. But since the Trump election victory, international uranium stocks have soared by 59%. The market is speculating that the Trump administration... Show More

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Daily AGM Note, Tuesday 22 November 2016

Avatar fallback

Today's note - it's a quiet day - but still a first strike at First Growth Funds, Recce Limited, and Berkeley Energia, while Prime Media Group and Metallum avoid a second strike. From yesterday's AGMs, Alexium International received a first strike with only 61.80% poll votes for its remuneration report.... Show More