Jumbo Risks all but Forgotten

Alex Shevelev

We are out. Last week the Forager Australian Shares Fund sold its last remaining shares of online lottery ticket reseller Jumbo (JIN). Our margin of safety dwindled in the past year and it was time to exit this very successful investment. Show More


Red Flags: How we avoid the Big Un & Blue Sky blowups

Guy Carson

To potentially misquote Robert F. Kennedy, “Like it or not, we live in interesting times.” That certainly has been true in financial markets in recent months as volatility has returned. Fraudulent or misleading activity (or the discovery thereof) appears to be on the rise as well. Both domestically and internationally... Show More

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Alan Kohler interviews Rob Shand, Blue Sky Alternative Investments

Livewire Equities

Alan Kohler, publisher of The Constant Investor, recently interviewed Rob Shand, CEO of Blue Sky Alternative Investments. The interview focuses on a number of questions raised by a report published by Glaucus Research Group about the operations of Blue Sky Funds. Show More

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What Mattered Today; Seller's win a second straight day

James Gerrish

A very choppy day, particularly in early trade by the ASX with the market sold on open only to rally +35points in short order before dropping the (exact) same amount with the futures hitting a low of 5777 twice. A gradual grind higher followed with the market eventually finishing down... Show More


A profitable experience with a bitter end

Dean Fergie

Readers might well be aware of the challenges one of our long-term holdings, alternative asset manager Blue Sky (BLA), has faced since Glaucus, a US based short seller, released a scathingly negative report on the business at the end of March with the company entering into a trading halt over... Show More

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Some Thoughts on the Blue Sky Affair from a manager who shorts

Chad Slater

By now most of the Livewire readers will be aware of the battle between Blue Sky (BLA) and the US short seller, Glaucus. I thought it may be worth penning a wire as I sit at the junction of the two: I know either personally or indirectly several the team... Show More

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Blue Sky categorically rejects US short seller’s allegations

Blue Sky Alternative Investments

Blue Sky Alternative Investments Limited (ASX: BLA) (‘Blue Sky’) advises that it has reviewed in detail the opinion piece published last week by Glaucus Research Group (GRG). Blue Sky categorically rejects GRG’s allegations as incorrect and misleading. Show More

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What Mattered Today; Shorts target Blue Sky, A2 Milk attracts competition

James Gerrish

+40 up yesterday and -40 down today as we roll into the four day break over Easter from tomorrow afternoon onwards – the longest stretch of the year the market is closed! Stock options expiry today (rare on a Wednesday) so a busy one on the desk while a number... Show More

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Compelling valuations in Australia's 3rd largest export industry

Alex McNab

Although there may be increasing volatility across Australian and global markets in 2018, We have confidence in the favourable, long term structural trends in private markets, particularly in areas such as education, retirement, healthcare, food and water, and technology. We call these sectors the ‘essentials’, and given the size of... Show More

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Blue Sky re-rates following excellent FY17 result

Robert Frost

Blue Sky Alternative Investments Limited continued to re-rate following an excellent FY17 result that came in at the top end of their guidance range. Blue Sky had been largely under the radar of institutional investors but has become much better understood as a result of improved recent disclosure from management... Show More

Small Caps Flying

Marcus Padley

Last week we saw BWX, BKL, A2M, WTC, NCK, NAN and BIN all up 7% or more. BAL is up 85% in three months, A2M is up 83%, WTC is up 55%, BWX is up 28%, BLA is up 46%. The mid-cap sector is having a dream rally. A lot... Show More

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We're just getting started at Blue Sky

Livewire Exclusive

Livewire recently caught up with the Managing Director of Blue Sky, Rob Shand in our Sydney studios. In a wide ranging interview we covered his experience of building Blue Sky from a small business through to becoming a $3BN private markets powerhouse today. Throughout our discussion Rob talked about the... Show More

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Private market valuations exceeding 2007 levels

Livewire Exclusive

One of the more important issues that private equity firms face today is one that should feel familiar to public market investors; overvaluation. In the US, the average buyout valuation was 10.9 times EBITDA in 2016, which exceeds 2007 peak despite lower levels of leverage. Show More

Livewire readers' best performing stock ideas: The final quarter

Alex Cowie

At the start of each year, we poll our readers for their best stock idea as part of our Outlook Survey. With just one quarter to go, it’s time to check in to see which calls are leading, and hear what our contributors are saying about them. Show More

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Finding growth in private markets

Livewire Exclusive

Investors have traditionally turned to the share market for growth, but with the ASX 200 still sitting well below its pre-GFC highs, alternative investments are becoming increasingly popular. From less than 5% of the industry in ’97, alternative assets now account for nearly 20% of funds under management. Show More

Blue Sky targets $5b AUM by 2019

Robert Frost

Blue Sky Alternative Investments reported a strong FY17 result at the top end of the guidance range after profitably exiting several private equity investments, adding to its credibility, particularly in the private equity space. Show More

Livewire readers' Top 20 stock calls

Alex Cowie

It’s time to observe the halfway-mark for Livewire readers’ 2017 stock picks, nominated in December as part of our Outlook series. Read on to see the current top twenty, some recent contributor commentary on them, and the spreadsheet for the full list of 261 stocks with key metrics. Show More

5 top wires in April

Alex Cowie

April saw our first ever Buy Hold Sell Live event, where we hosted a top-flight panel in front of an intimate audience. The wires from the event were very popular this month. Also making this month's top wires were our video interview with Schroders, a buyside brief on stocks with... Show More

Buy Hold Sell: 5 stocks riding demographic trends

Buy Hold Sell

Investing smartly into growing markets can present great opportunities, and backing demographic trends can be a good way to do this. Australia’s ageing demographic is a well known play on this, but we are also currently seeing tourist numbers, and childcare industry revenue, both growing at around 12% per annum.... Show More


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Five reasons to consider BlueSky for the portfolio

Dean Fergie

Blue Sky has just announced a 130% increase in 1H17 NPAT to $10.1m, and a 59% growth in assets under management to $2.7bn over the pcp. This impressive result has been driven by Blue Sky’s unique asset class offerings that include Private Equity, Real Assets (largely water rights and agriculture),... Show More

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