4 fresh smallcap ideas

Livewire Equities

With reporting season dominating in recent weeks, here are four small cap ideas you may have missed. They include two small medtech stocks from Simon Shields and Harley Grosser, and two junior resources plays from Paragon and Foster Stockbroking. Click below for four fresh ideas. Show More


Catapult primed for significant growth

Monash Investors Pty Limited

After returning home from a recent trip to the US, Simon Shields, Portfolio Manager, reflects on the significant growth opportunities for a Melbourne based company that’s leading the way in athlete analytics for some of the most elite sporting dynasties in the world. Show More


Tax loss selling roadmap

Richard Coppleson

With investors making big profits this year in certain stocks, there will be many investors who will want to offset these profits via selling their losers to lock in their tax losses and thus reduce their tax bill. I have been watching the tax loss phenomenon in the market closely... Show More


Buy Hold Sell: 4 stocks with big aspirations

Buy Hold Sell

After a two week break Matthew Kidman of Centennial Asset Management hosts two new panelists, in Mark Whittaker of Investors Mutual, and Joe Magyer of Lakehouse Capital. Technology and software companies are a growing part of the market, the panel discuss four home-grown software companies with big aspirations. Show More


Two tech stocks in elite sports

Andrew Smith

The size and diversity of the Microcaps universe provides for good investing opportunities. This is an area of the market that has been under researched, we have managed to find two tech stocks that are involved in elite sports (PWR Holdings and Catapult). Show More


Executive Series - Catapult Group International (CAT) Executive Chairman, Dr Adir Shiffman


CommSec's Tom Piotrowski speaks with Catapult Group International (CAT) Executive Chairman, Dr Adir Shiffman about the company’s newly signed deals with La Liga, the Welsh Rugby Union and the NHL. Show More

Buy Hold Sell: Five fallen angels

Buy Hold Sell

After a brutal ‘confession season’, the small cap market is littered with former market darlings now trading more than 30% off their recent highs. So in this episode of Buy Hold Sell, two small cap specialists, Simon Shields from Monash Investors and Dean Fergie from Cyan Investment Management, talk us... Show More

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Quality small-caps battling the headwinds

Monash Investors Pty Limited

Out of the top 12 companies held by the Monash Absolute Investment Fund, 7 beat analyst earnings expectations during the recent reporting season. However, the headwind against smaller growth companies that started in October continues. So despite a “good” results season, the fund went backwards. Show More

Catapult winning off the field

Livewire Equities

Morgans Senior Analyst, Ivor Ries, has been reviewing the fundamentals of Catapult following the ~44% fall from its highs in August last year. In his view, nothing has changed. “The share price fall we’ve seen is simply a result of having Goldman Sachs do a $100m share placement, mostly to... Show More


Livewire readers’ ten favourite wires

Alex Cowie

This report bundles your 10 favourite wires from the 340 published by our contributors in October, with wires on LICs, tech, telco, property, and quality smallcaps featuring strongly. The stock-picking skills of Livewire readers were also on display with an 18% gain year-to-date for stocks tipped at the start of... Show More

How to target a double-digit return

Monash Investors Pty Limited

Simon Shields, Principal at Monash Investors shares his thoughts on equity markets valuations, the market cycle, and four market thematics he likes such as medical devices, payment systems, demographics and tourism. Simon also touches on some key stocks in the Monash portfolio positioned to leverage these four thematics. He also... Show More

Nine small to mid cap stocks to buy in October

Morgans Financial Limited

The constant swirl of macro noise will likely lead to more market gyrations over the next few months. Despite the overall sense of cautiousness, any severe swings will be trading opportunities for companies with sound fundamentals in an otherwise subdued economic backdrop. The pace of earnings growth across the market... Show More

9 Ways to Improve Your Investing Performance

Joe Magyer

Digging into a fresh stock idea is fun. Maybe too fun. The thrill of working a new opportunity can distract us from remembering that it’s sound, repeatable process that wins over the the long run, and not hitting it big with a single investment. Show More

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Acquisitions catapult CAT to global leader in athlete analytics

Robert Frost

Athlete analytics business, Catapult Group (ASX:CAT), was added to OC's flagship portfolio during the month when CAT raised $100m to acquire two businesses: a) XOS Technologies, a US-based market leader in providing innovative digital and video analytic software solutions to elite sports teams, and b) PLAYERTEK, an Ireland-based leading developer... Show More

Eight small to mid cap stocks to buy in August

Morgans Financial Limited

Earnings take centre stage in August presenting investors with an opportunity to take stock of how companies have performed over the uncertain macro backdrop. Most companies will report FY16 results and provide an outlook for FY17. We think the market will largely look past the last 12 months and focus... Show More

Catapult takes the next step to become global leader

Monash Investors Pty Limited

Shane Fitzgerald, Principal at Monash Investors, says that Catapult has only just “scraped the surface” so far in penetrating the market of elite sportspeople. Catapult currently has around 5-8% market share currently, but he think it’s possible they could achieve up to 50% in the future. Catapult recently acquired US-based... Show More


Small cap standout - No bag big enough for this CAT

James Nicolaou

3 things you should read to close this historic day for the mighty CATAPULT (ASX. CAT): Show More

Buy Hold Sell: Hot stocks in technology

Buy Hold Sell

High prices, high growth, and sometimes high risk; technology stocks are a divisive topic. There was a time when investors could feel free to ignore technology investment and assign it to the ‘too hard basket’, but with even Warren Buffett making his first technology investment, it’s getting hard to ignore.... Show More

How we've reacted to a changing market

George Boubouras

The changes to our portfolio in 2016 have been moving to a moderate overweight in banks from an underweight position after the capital raisings in H2 2015. While challenges remain in the wholesale funding market for the banks, the bulk of Tier 1 capital has been raised in our view.... Show More

The themes we've been buying in 2016

George Boubouras

Since late 2014 we have had a bias in our risk allocation towards a defensive stance. This has led to large underweights to energy, bulks, and metals (except Lithium producers which we have been overweight). We have held a neutral position for gold in the large cap portfolios and overweight... Show More