James Gerrish

Another choppy session for the Aussie market with stocks sold down early only to recover late in the day. The banks provided a drag, more so early however on however what was noticeable, is that some of the beaten down ‘dogs’ are starting to again come into focus. Emeco (EHL)... Show More

Marcus Bogdan

For the best part of two decades, Australian banks enjoyed a golden period of share market outperformance. The banking sector was able to deploy significant capital at very attractive rates of return. It has only been since 2015 that the banks have underperformed the ASX 200 on a consistent basis. Show More

Livewire Exclusive

For two years now, Roger Montgomery has been warning investors of a pending housing crash. While these claims were initially met with scepticism, as the data has deteriorated significantly in Sydney and Melbourne, more investors are coming to accept this thesis. According to CoreLogic’s Home Property Value Index, prices for... Show More