Australian Banking Sector: Royal Commission announced

Bell Potter
Bell Potter Stockbroker

Process fast-tracked, findings due by 1 February 2019: The government has announced a royal commission into the banking sector. This followed a letter released by the four major banks earlier today highlighting the need for certainty and the imperative to restore confidence in the sector. Show More


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The timeless tools of investing

Livewire Exclusive

The allure of fast money and the ‘fear of missing out’ toy with investors on a daily basis. Right now valuations of companies exposed to themes like electric vehicles, medicinal marijuana and emerging infant formula markets could be described as ‘effervescent’. Show More


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Some good news for dividend investors

Livewire Exclusive

With the challenges facing leading dividend payers like CBA and Telstra, investors would be forgiven for being downbeat on the outlook for dividends. Telstra’s dividend cut alone will shave 12 basis points from next year’s yield on the ASX200. The good news, according to Dr Don Hamson from Plato Investment... Show More

The 'Big Four' versus 'Big Tech'...

Damien Wood
Damien Wood Spectrum Asset Management

Small and medium-sized fintechs could struggle to compete with Australia’s large banks. However, the global tech giants could cause major problems for the banks - if they targeted wide spread general commercial banking. Show More

What does low volatility mean for investors?

Investors Mutual
Investors Mutual Quality and Value Investing

Over the past 12 months, a common headline in the financial pages has pointed to record low levels of volatility, as measured by the frequently quoted VIX volatility index. Yet for Australian equity investors, increasingly volatile share price movements in many stocks belies what the VIX is actually indicating -... Show More

volatility vix ASX:CBA warren buffet CBOE

Assessing today’s dividend landscape

Livewire Exclusive

If income is your religion then prepare to meet your God! Dr Don Hamson is Managing Director of Plato Investment Management and specialises in seeking out the best income opportunities on the ASX and overseas. Livewire recently sat down with Hamson and put a number of questions to him to... Show More

ASX:CBA Plato Investment Management Dr Don Hamson

The ASX200 surges over 6000. Now what?

James Gerrish
James Gerrish Market Matters / Shaw and Partners

The ASX200 roared over 6000 on Melbourne Cup Day. The question is: “Have fund managers and “shorts” finally capitulated to the market's strength on Cup day creating a short-term top?” Show More


Where to find opportunities in large companies

Clime Asset Management
Clime Asset Management Funds Management & Stock Research

There is so much confusion about the stocks in the ASX’s large-caps index, the ASX 50. Some investors see them as ‘blue-chips’ by virtue of their size and longevity, and thus see them as long-term portfolio holds. Others think the ASX 50 is largely useless: a motley, concentrated index of... Show More

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Is there value in the beaten banking sector?

Matthew Haupt
Matthew Haupt Wilson Asset Management

Australia’s largest banks have endured a controversial year defined by public relations nightmares and opportunistic government interventions. Show More


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Overweight banks in October, the winning trade

Richard Coppleson
Richard Coppleson Bell Potter

Since 2000, the Bank Index has been up 12 out of the last 16 years or 75% of the time. In the 12 years that the Bank Average has closed up, the average rise in those 12 years has been MASSIVE - 5.95%, so this is significant. I believe the... Show More


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Executive Series: Commonwealth Bank (CBA) CEO, Ian Narev

CommSec Online Stockbroker

CommSec's Tom Piotrowski speaks with Commonwealth Bank (CBA) CEO, Ian Narev about the bank’s full year results, take up of its dividend reinvestment plan and its outlook for economic conditions. Show More

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Buy Hold Sell: Winners & Losers from Rising Rates

Buy Hold Sell
Buy Hold Sell Livewire

In this episode of Buy Hold Sell the panel discuss a selection of rate sensitive stocks including Transurban, Scentre Group, CBA and Suncorp. What we learn is that both fund managers have some clear views on the winners and losers should rates head higher. Show More


Sifting Through Fallen Angels

Alex Shevelev
Alex Shevelev Forager Funds

Buying unloved stocks is part of the DNA at Forager. Most of the funds’ excess returns over almost eight years have come from buying stocks that other investors hated at the time we acquired them. Think Service Stream in 2013 or Cardno in mid-2016. Show More

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The most crowded trades on the ASX

Livewire Exclusive

A crowded trade appears when so many investors are positioned similarly that liquidity becomes a problem. Bitcoin is the obvious choice globally, but we wondered where the most crowded trades were on the ASX. To find out, we put the question to Greencape Capital, NAOS, and Market Matters. Show More

Is the dream run of Australia’s Big 4 coming to an end?

Investors Mutual
Investors Mutual Quality and Value Investing

The continued success and profitability of Australian banks over the last few decades, as well as recent large capital raisings, means that Australia’s big 4 banks are now valued at over $400 billion by market capitalisation and they account for over 26% of the S&P/ASX 300 index. As a result,... Show More


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CBA becoming compelling value as the stock falls out of favour

Clime Asset Management
Clime Asset Management Funds Management & Stock Research

The central argument of our thesis on CBA has been the stock would lose most of its premium to its major bank peers as ANZ and National Australia Bank derisked and improved their profitability by correcting their strategic mistakes (eg. divesting non-core businesses), managing their capital more efficiently and resuming... Show More

The biggest month of dividends ever paid

Richard Coppleson
Richard Coppleson Bell Potter

Dividends for FY16 (ie dividends paid from Nov 2015 until Oct 2016) totaled $72.7billion. But for FY17, they have increased by +7.2% to $77.9 billion. So shareholders will have received an extra $5.2 billion in cash in the last 10 months, and over the next 2. That comes despite the... Show More


The ASX dividend dilemma

Livewire Exclusive

Telstra and the banks are mainstays of any Australian income-focused portfolio and make up nearly half of the dividends paid out by ASX companies in FY17. However, all five are down year-to-date, and Telstra recently announced an approximately 30% cut to its dividend. Show More

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The rise of mobile payments in China and what it means for Australian investors

Matthew Harper
Matthew Harper Baker Young Stockbrokers

It may come as a surprise to some that the world’s two leading mobile payments companies aren’t based in Silicon Valley. While a lot of attention has been focused on ApplePay, PayPal and Stripe in the mobile payment race, two Chinese companies have shown the world exactly what a m-payment... Show More

tencent ASX:CBA Alipay ASX:NOV WeChat

Insights from recent management meetings

Martin Conlon
Martin Conlon Schroders

Amongst the raft of post result management meetings there is always much food for thought. In some cases, management teams convey thoughtful and coherent interpretations of the challenges and opportunities facing the business and their plans to deal with them. In others, the challenge of negotiating a shallow stream between... Show More