Could Australia be headed for a recession?

James Gerrish
James Gerrish Market Matters / Shaw and Partners

Since June, buying the local market as it was sold off towards the 5600 area has proven correct, but as we all know nothing lasts forever, we are very cautious this time. Yesterday’s savage 49-point / 0.9% sell-off had no obvious lead and was pretty unexpected on all, but the... Show More


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15 wires that captured your attention

Alex Cowie
Alex Cowie Livewire Markets

Livewire strives to give readers unparalleled access to expert investment ideas so that they can be more informed and achieve better investment outcomes. Here is a distillation of 15 such wires that really captured your attention this quarter. Show More

Buy Hold Sell: 5 stocks that beat expectations

Buy Hold Sell
Buy Hold Sell Livewire

In this week’s episode of Buy Hold Sell, Ben Clark from TMS Capital and Alex Leyland from Leyland Private Asset Management share their view on three stocks that surprised to the upside this reporting season. Show More

Livewire users’ top five results so far

Livewire Equities

Richard Coppleson recently highlighted the slow-burn effect that profit upgrades and downgrades can have on stock prices for weeks after the news. So we surveyed Livewire users for the most notable results so far this season, a few of which have slipped under the radar... Show More


Sunset Strip afternoon trading wrap

Mathan Somasundaram
Mathan Somasundaram Blue Ocean Equities

Local market had a slide after flip flopping early in the day. Commodities bounce helped the miners after US Fed, ECB and BOE moved dovish. UK recovery in wages growth and historically low unemployment helps support the economy despite the high inflation and low currency. Show More

Reporting Season First Impressions

Bell Potter
Bell Potter Stockbroker

In this daily reporting season update, we provide first impressions on key takeouts from companies reporting today, including Challenger (CGF), GPT Group (GPT), Domino’s Pizza Enterprises (DMP) and FlexiGroup (FXL) with links through to more detailed reports. Show More

ASX:CGF ASX:DMP ASX:FXL ASX:GPT August 2017 Reporting Season

5 megatrends we are investing in

Rob Tucker
Rob Tucker Chester High Conviction Fund

We have used the megatrends framework as a template for several years, simply as a way of formulating a framework for how we start filtering down the investible universe into stocks that we ultimately focus on. We revisit this every 6-12 months to assess where the opportunities are to find... Show More

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Top Stock Picks for FY18

Bell Potter
Bell Potter Stockbroker

In this report, our analyst team share their top stock picks for FY18, and also provide their sector outlook. On Financials, TS Lim reports that "There is something for everyone in Show More

Generating investing ideas in a tough market

Livewire Exclusive

Investors have been questioning how to approach the market, given lofty valuations and elevated risk. With this backdrop, Livewire posed some questions on this issue to Steve Johnson, Tim Kelley, and Alex Pollak, starting with: “What channels generated your best investment ideas in the last 12 months, and what themes... Show More


The Challenger rocket is still firing

Leyland Private Asset Management
Leyland Private Asset Management Trusted and Confidential Asset Management Advisors

We last covered Challenger in April 2016. It’s a company we have liked for some time and currently hold in a number of client portfolios. We’ve been buyers of the stock since mid-2013 when it was selling for around $4 per share. The company is now trading above $13.00 so... Show More

australian equities ASX:CGF

Interesting opportunities in financials

Livewire Exclusive

Omkar Joshi from Regal Funds Management believes that there are a number of interesting opportunities in the Australian financial sector. While he believes the major banks look fairly valued there are a number of companies employing ‘self help’ strategies that are catching his eye. Show More


5 top wires in April

Alex Cowie
Alex Cowie Livewire Markets

April saw our first ever Buy Hold Sell Live event, where we hosted a top-flight panel in front of an intimate audience. The wires from the event were very popular this month. Also making this month's top wires were our video interview with Schroders, a buyside brief on stocks with... Show More

Peter Quinton: Ten favoured defensive stocks

Bell Potter
Bell Potter Stockbroker

A well-constructed portfolio should always have some defensive stocks, which we identify using four investment criteria: 1) Market capitalisation of at least $1.0 billion; 2) The investment arithmetic — price earnings ratios, dividend yields, and so on—must be reasonable compared to the valuations of the overall share market; 3) The... Show More

Challenger result vindicates strong backing

Alex Cowie
Alex Cowie Livewire Markets

Annuities and funds management firm, Challenger Limited, has had strong backing from both Livewire contributors, and readers via our outlook survey. The stock has posted a 14.5% gain year-to date, vs 2.7% for the ASX200. Today’s announcement confirms a great deal of the positive sentiment, with most key metrics showing... Show More


Buy Hold Sell: 5 stocks riding demographic trends

Buy Hold Sell
Buy Hold Sell Livewire

Investing smartly into growing markets can present great opportunities, and backing demographic trends can be a good way to do this. Australia’s ageing demographic is a well known play on this, but we are also currently seeing tourist numbers, and childcare industry revenue, both growing at around 12% per annum.... Show More


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5 top wires last month

Alex Cowie
Alex Cowie Livewire Markets

In case reporting season kept you busy, we've summarised five top wires in February for you. Peter Quinton’s top ten picks for 2017, our fund manager earnings results review, and Buy Hold Sell with ‘Quality stocks on sale’ all deliver useful stock ideas. On big picture thinking, we bring you... Show More

Up to the Challenger

Matthew Haupt
Matthew Haupt Wilson Asset Management

On Tuesday, investment management firm Challenger Limited (ASX: CGF) announced its half year results. The Company reported a normalised net profit after tax (NPAT) of $197 million, up 8% on the prior corresponding period and a 12% increase in assets under management to $64.7 billion. The Company has continued to... Show More


Challenger: Good story but fully valued

Morgans Financial Limited

We like the CGF story in the longer term and think management has done an excellent job opening up growth opportunities for the company. We lift FY17/FY18F EPS by ~1-2%. Changes to our numbers reflect a slight increase in net book growth assumptions which have offset lower COE margin forecasts.... Show More

ASX:CGF Longform February 2017 Reporting Season

Feb 2017 Reporting Season Calendar

Bell Potter
Bell Potter Stockbroker

The Bell Potter reporting calendar covers 210 companies for the February period, as well as several in March, and highlights reporting dates, period reported, NPAT (consensus and Bell Potter estimates) and our analyst recommendation for the stock. The pace is increasing, with 16 reporting on Monday and Tuesday alone. Livewire... Show More

Ageing consumer drives long-term growth at Challenger

John Deniz
John Deniz Paragon Funds Management

Challenger is a diversified investment management firm that manages over $60b in assets. Today Challenger is focused on providing wealth creation solutions for those in the accumulation phase of superannuation and also reliable income streams for retirees. Show More

annuities retirement ASX:CGF Longform