Peter Rae

In its latest LMI Monthly Update, Independent Investment Research takes a look at the recent listed investment company reporting season which saw a majority of LICs report higher earnings and many pay higher dividends to their shareholders. We also highlight the top 10 yielding LICs under our coverage and discuss... Show More

Peter Rae

In its latest LMI Monthly Update, Independent Investment Research takes a look at the ten highest yielding listed investment companies in its coverage and also considers the sustainability of dividends. We also discuss and provide our views on some recent events within the LIC space. Refer to our report below... Show More

Peter Rae

Independent Investment Research is upgrading its rating on Argo Investments (ASX:ARG) from “Recommended Plus” to “Highly Recommended”. IIR has always held Argo in high regard, but over the years our conviction has been cemented that Argo is truly best-of-breed in the listed investment company sector. The positives of Argo far... Show More

Independent Investment Research

Listed Investment Companies (LICs) have enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance ever since the Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) reforms levelled the playing field with unlisted trusts. In the last four years, 42 new LICs have been listed, bringing the total combined market capitalisation for all LICS to $31 billion at... Show More

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Peter Rae

In this month’s Independent Investment Research (IIR) LMI Monthly Update we discuss why the listed investment company sector was able to maintain steady dividends and, in some cases, announce modest dividend increases despite reporting lower profits during the recent reporting season. We do not expect to see many dividend reductions... Show More

Bell Potter

Given that nearly 60% of the Listed Investment Companies (LICs) in our coverage have delivered strong outperformances over its benchmark over the last 10 year p.a. - we still see the compelling proposition a LIC presents in an investment portfolio. In our new LIC Quarterly, Analyst Nathan Umapathy profiles 42... Show More