Mathan Somasundaram

Market fell hard from the open on Italian vote going against the government before making a few recovery cycles to finish off the day’s lows. Austrians went with the plan to vote against the far right party while Italians have voted against the referendum to set the scene for more... Show More

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A first strike at SurfStitch Group and at Pacific Resources, some nuances on remuneration resolutions at PACT Group and Acorn Capital investment Fund plus others as the results come to hand. One example from today's AGMs is PS&C Limited: the proxy voting tally doesn't convey enough information as to whether... Show More

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You can find the main note at this link and from there you can reach the other notes. ASX Listing Rule 10.17 resolutions to increase the non-executive director fee pool are one theme to look out for. I explain these resolutions in this note and while many companies... Show More

Marcus Tuck

One theme we have explored in the past is the search for stocks that have a good combination of dividend yield and earnings growth, the so called GARY stocks (Growth And Reasonable Yield). We think that continues to be a sensible strategy and have screened the ASX 100 universe for... Show More

Andrew Stanley

Utility assets owner, DUET Group (ASX:DUE), owns a series of long-life infrastructure assets including the Dampier to Bunbury Pipeline (DBP) and gas and electricity networks in south east Australia and last year’s purchase, Energy Developments (ENE), which in turn owns and operates a series of long-life, contracted utility assets. Included... Show More

Altair Asset Management

DUET’s assets operate as part of the overall transmission and distributions of gas and electricity across the nation. The provision of such vital services is usually monopolistic in nature and highly regulated to ensure prompt delivery of service to end-customers. The prized asset of DUET is the Dampier Bunbury Pipeline,... Show More

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In this low growth environment, it’s important to look for companies that can grow on their own steam says Anton Tagliaferro, Investment Director at Investors Mutual. Specifically, he says companies that can grow by acquisition or that have organic growth mechanisms built into their business models and earnings profiles. Tagliaferro... Show More

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So far today Seven Group Holdings and Minemakers have avoided second strikes against the remuneration report. Cabcharge Australia's remuneration report received around 84% for on a poll. The note is updated through the day as the results come to hand. Show More

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Another big week of AGMs (including CBA, BHP Billiton Ltd, Sonic Healthcare, Slater and Gordon) plus a few two strike AGMs (a conditional Board spill resolution is on the AGM agenda) in the mix. Cash Converters, SDI Limited and Redflex Holdings all received second strikes at their 2013 AGMs but... Show More