Steve Johnson

Everyone wants to buy stocks for attractive prices. But why would anyone want to sell at that same price? Finding bargains is the key to successful investing, but it requires delving beyond the obvious. In this video, Forager's Alex Shevelev talks about some of the useful insights we glean from... Show More

Perpetual Equity Investment Company

In the Perpetual Pure Microcap Fund monthly investor update, we profile Enero Group, which is a global media services and advertising company. They operate 10 businesses and their key brands include Hotwire, Frank PR, Naked and BMF. Management are conservatively building scale across 3 key areas; Strategy and Research, Creative... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market fell from the start with weak sentiment before making a slight recovery in the back end of the day. US retail data and US CPI data will set the tone for next week…BOE was playing safe while data continues to improve in EU…China is spruiking the “Silk Road”... Show More

Daniel Mueller

Marketing conglomerate Enero Group (EGG) has been a volatile and frustrating investment in recent years. Following a near death experience under previous management, the current management team gradually increased EBITDA margins. It looked like Enero was reaching its potential after a long, grinding turnaround. But in the last 10 months... Show More

Bell Potter

Our reporting calendar covers 210 companies for the February period, as well as several in March, and highlights reporting dates, period reported, NPAT (consensus and Bell Potter estimates) and our analyst recommendation for the stock. The pace is increasing, with 6 reporting tomorrow (AVJennings, BWP, Carsales, Paragon, Rio Tinto), and... Show More

Alex Cowie

This report bundles your 10 favourite wires from the 340 published by our contributors in October, with wires on LICs, tech, telco, property, and quality smallcaps featuring strongly. The stock-picking skills of Livewire readers were also on display with an 18% gain year-to-date for stocks tipped at the start of... Show More