Listed managed investments: 2017 in review

Peter Rae

2017 was a good year for global equity markets and this was reflected in the performance of listed managed investments, with those focused on international equities delivering the best returns. With global markets now displaying greater volatility and some major falls over the past week, performance of individual LMIs in... Show More

The retail stock most likely to go bust

Livewire Exclusive

Amazon’s official launch is imminent. With the world’s biggest Ecommerce company potentially days away from taking market share, we asked a panel of Livewire contributors who is most likely to go bust, and what the key drivers of valuation have been. Show More

ASX:JBH Montgomery ASX:GFY ASX:MA1 collection ASX:FOR

The strongest thematics in small caps today

Livewire Exclusive

Small caps have put in more than 12-months’ worth of typical performance so far this financial year, and show no signs of stopping. However, the small end is far more diverse than the big end. So to help shortlist the strongest thematics, we asked the experts. Show More


Microcaps Stellar Quarter: 8.9% vs. Large Caps 1.0%

Mark Tobin

While FY18 is barely underway the microcap and small caps indexes have got off to a flyer, significantly outperforming large caps indexes. Although most microcap managers have made a good start, they have lagged the index performance a bit but as the old adage goes “A good start is half... Show More


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If 24 LICs ran the Melbourne Cup... which would be our favourites?

Daryl Wilson

To win the Melbourne Cup requires a horse that is well trained, has a great jockey, and importantly hasn’t been hit too hard with a weight handicap from the stewards. To win the "Affluence LIC Cup", an LIC requires many of the same attributes... Show More

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An eclectic mix of five global picks

Livewire Exclusive

It is hard to find value in the Australian market, and harder to find truly world-class companies leveraging global trends. So, some of the smartest investors in the market are investing offshore to achieve this. A few months ago, Livewire asked five global specialists for their best stock idea at... Show More

Try, fail, learn - repeat!

Livewire Exclusive

Steve Johnson does things differently. He views himself as an outsider in the investment community and, for most the most part, his small operation has flown under the radar. That all changed in 2015 with a blog post titled "Dick Smith is the Greatest Private Equity Heist of All Time." Show More

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How do microcap managers perform in the long-term?

Mark Tobin

Active microcap managers demonstrated in FY17 that this part of the stock market can be a great alpha generator for managers (and their investors). In this wire, we ask how they have stacked up against their benchmarks over 3, 5 and even 10 years... Show More

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Large cap LICs outperform small caps in FY17

Peter Rae

In its latest LMI Monthly Update, Independent Investment Research looks at the performance of the LIC sector over the 12 months to 30 June 2017. The Australian large cap share focused LICs benefited from solid market performance over that time with the five largest LICs delivering an average portfolio return... Show More

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Microcaps: FY17 in review

Mark Tobin

While the financial year 2017 may not have been overly pleasing when one looks at the performance of the ASX emerging companies index which returned a dismal -2.3% for the year. A different picture emerges when looking at the performance of active managers in the space. The majority of microcap... Show More

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Five LICs at a discount to NTA

Peter Rae

In its latest LMI Monthly Update, Independent Investment Research takes a look at why listed investment companies trade at discounts and premiums to net tangible asset value. We also take a look at five LICs that are currently trading at large discounts to NTA, look at some of the reasons... Show More

Listed Managed Investments: Quarterly Review

Peter Rae

(LICs), listed investment trusts (LITs), and exchange quoted managed funds (EQMFs). At 31 January 2016, there were 96 LICs and LITs on the ASX, with a collective market capitalization of $ 31.6B. There are a number of new LICs in the pipeline including URB Investments, Contango Global Growth, Plato Income... Show More

IIR Research Rating - Forager Australian Shares Fund (ASX: FOR) - Initiation of Coverage

Independent Investment Research

The Forager Australian Shares Fund was launched in 2009 and is managed by Forager Funds Management Pty Ltd. The Fund is based on a long-only, high conviction Australian equities mandate and is managed by a small, but capable and proven investment team. The portfolio is overwhelmingly comprised of small... Show More