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Until recently there have been few opportunities for investors to gain fixed interest exposure by investing in listed investment companies and trusts. The listing of MCP Master Income Trust in October 2017 breathed some new life into the sector and the number of fixed income opportunities continue to grow. In... Show More

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So much energy and focus are devoted towards finding new investment ideas. However, knowing when to sell receives far less attention, yet is undoubtedly one of the most important investment disciplines to get right. Patrick Hodgens, Portfolio Manager at Firetrail Investments, says his team has developed a three-point checklist to... Show More

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A popular narrative, for many investors, has been that good ideas are becoming harder to find as the current bull market grinds higher. Patrick Hodgens, Portfolio Manager at Firetrail Investments, doesn’t subscribe to this view and says the latest reporting season has provided them seven or eight fresh ideas. He... Show More