Business Insights Across the Market

NAOS Asset Management

“So much of investing these days considers only the short run that I think there’s great scope for superior active investors to make value-additive decisions concerning the long run” Howard Marks, Co-founder/Co-Chairman, Oaktree Asset Management Show More


NextDC: An update

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

Let's be brutally honest about this: too many investors, both professional and retail, have been focusing on finding value among (apparently) cheaply-priced equities during a time when the share market was making a decisive swing in the opposite direction. Show More

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What Mattered Today; G8 Education cops some heat

James Gerrish

A bullish day overall despite the market only adding +9pts, it was the strong move up from the daily lows (+34pts) that caught the eye - CBA interesting here and its starting to look reasonable from a technical standpoint as it enters a seasonally strong period (as discussed in the... Show More


Business insights across the market

NAOS Asset Management

CEO’s and business leaders' comments can provide valuable insights and provide a greater understanding of the current investment environment and key trends that may be emerging. Below are 22 quotes from the week which in our view detail some of the most important and prominent industry trends and economic factors... Show More

What Mattered Today; Buy banks into seasonal strength

James Gerrish

There was actually a lot on the radar today despite reporting season cooling down this week - another couple of days and we’ll be done. All up it’s been good, more upgrades than downgrades and better outlooks in aggregate. A ‘tick’ thus far. QBE was out with results and they... Show More


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The cost of acquisition

Martin Conlon

Last year did not end with a whimper. In one corner, Frank Lowy and Rupert Murdoch chose to sell businesses they’d spent decades building, suggesting they believe selling prices are attractive. In the other, Aconex was the subject of a takeover bid from Oracle, AWE from Mineral Resources and Tox... Show More

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See what The CEO's thought of Agriculture, Taxation and Advertising this week

NAOS Asset Management

“From early in the day, we experienced visitor numbers that far exceeded our expectations” Rocco Braeuniger, Country Manager, Amazon Australia Show More


What Mattered Today: Metcash roars & G8 whimpers

James Gerrish

Despite S&P Futures in the US trading up +16pts (+0.65%) the Aussie market struggled to hold above water today with the banks providing most drag – the big 4 detracting around 10.5 index points from the ASX 200. The miners did OK on the back of decent buying in the... Show More


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HRL Holdings: Another ALS in the making?

Mark Tobin

As noted in a previous article one of the ways to discover new ideas for further research is to look at stocks hitting new 52 week lows or 52-week highs for that matter. One such stock hitting 52-week lows which has come my attention is HRL Holdings (HRL:AX). Show More


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4 company results that surprised

Livewire Equities

With the busiest week in reporting season now over, we reached out again to a group of experts for their view of the most notable results, both good or bad. Read on for highlights picked by David Sokulsky, Crestone Wealth Management; Ian Carmichael, Watermark Funds Management; Simon Shields, Monash Investors;... Show More


Here's what we learned from leading CEOs this week

NAOS Asset Management

As part of the NAOS investment process, we pay particular attention to the comments made by company CEO’s and business leaders in order to gain a greater understanding of the current investment environment and key trends that may be emerging. Below are quotes from the week which in our view... Show More


Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170821

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market fell on global sentiment despite bounce in Iron Ore and Oil. US market heads the negative catalyst list. US market risk remains key for local market…(1) VIX looks to break above post election high (2) Russell 2000 (i.e. US domestic facing) has pulled back below 200 day MA... Show More

Fallen Angels and Glamour Stocks

Buy Hold Sell

We’ve seen how rollups can be an amazing source of growth, but they can also be painful when they come unstuck. In this episode of Buy Hold Sell, we look at 5 companies that are growing by acquisition. We ask our panel whether momentum will continue for the glamour stocks,... Show More


Watch these traps when buying 'Roll Ups'

Buy Hold Sell

Most investors will remember Slater and Gordon for its spectacular unwinding in 2015. However, as the chart shows, there was ample opportunity to pocket handsome returns. So what should you look for in roll ups, what makes some better than others, and is the current backdrop favourable for this strategy? Show More


Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170503

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market fell from the start before making a slight recovery to close for second consecutive negative day. ANZ result earlier this week turned the bank sector sentiment and the premium is unwinding. TPM downgrade in 2016 drove the reality check into high PE stocks…will the VOC downgrade be the... Show More

5 top wires in April

Alex Cowie

April saw our first ever Buy Hold Sell Live event, where we hosted a top-flight panel in front of an intimate audience. The wires from the event were very popular this month. Also making this month's top wires were our video interview with Schroders, a buyside brief on stocks with... Show More

Buy Hold Sell: 5 stocks riding demographic trends

Buy Hold Sell

Investing smartly into growing markets can present great opportunities, and backing demographic trends can be a good way to do this. Australia’s ageing demographic is a well known play on this, but we are also currently seeing tourist numbers, and childcare industry revenue, both growing at around 12% per annum.... Show More


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Quality small-caps battling the headwinds

Monash Investors Pty Limited

Out of the top 12 companies held by the Monash Absolute Investment Fund, 7 beat analyst earnings expectations during the recent reporting season. However, the headwind against smaller growth companies that started in October continues. So despite a “good” results season, the fund went backwards. Show More

Child Care: the mosaic of price, policy and margins

Glennon Capital

A young family has many points of financial stress to contend with at the moment. The record prices of property in Australia’s major cities make buying a property a difficult exercise. Rents have also continued to rise. Meanwhile a second issue is also consistently present for those with young children:... Show More

Emerging Childcare stock with upcoming catalyst

Nicholas Leitl

The volume and velocity of information in the world today, especially in financial markets, continues to increase exponentially. Deciphering the noise and understanding key facts is critical for the idea generation process. At K2 Asset Management, we generate ideas from numerous information channels, however getting out and meeting with companies... Show More

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