If 24 LICs ran the Melbourne Cup, which would be our favourites..?

Daryl Wilson

We are proud to present our second annual form guide for the 'LIC Cup'. This race is even bigger than the Melbourne Cup! There is approximately $35 billion of gamblers' (investors') money at stake in this sector, so the stakes are certainly a lot higher! Show More

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The free ride is over

Staude Capital

2017 was a tremendous year with the global economy breaking out of the rut that it had been in for some time. Global GDP growth was just under 4%, the fastest rate of growth since 2011, and we had a synchronised upswing across the major economies which created something of... Show More

Debunking the bears part 2 – Valuations are stretched

Miles Staude

Where the argument that current share market valuations are too high generally breaks down is that it is based on comparing current P/E ratios to very long-run historical averages. In this video and edited transcript below, Emma Davidson poses the question of whether valuations are too high to Miles Staude... Show More

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Daily AGM Note, Wednesday 23 November 2016

Avatar fallback

First strikes at Keybridge Capital and CMI, second strikes avoided at Webjet and results for Estia Health, Hill End Gold, McGraths, Energy Technologies, Cash Converters, Global Value Fund and BPH Energy. You'll find today's note at this link Show More

Bell Potter LIC report: September Quarter

Bell Potter

Given that nearly 60% of the Listed Investment Companies (LICs) in our coverage have delivered strong outperformances over its benchmark over the last 10 year p.a. - we still see the compelling proposition a LIC presents in an investment portfolio. In our new LIC Quarterly, Analyst Nathan Umapathy profiles 42... Show More