Buy Hold Sell: 5 out-of-favour stocks

Buy Hold Sell
Buy Hold Sell Livewire

Everyone loves a bargain, but buying out-of-favour stocks can be a risky business. The five stocks discussed in today’s episode have fallen an average of 32% over the past year, so is it better to snap up some value, or avoid the falling knives? Show More


Skamvougeras: 6 market insights for Livewire readers

Perpetual Limited
Perpetual Limited Fund Manager

Is Amazon a threat to Woolworths? Can active managers deliver value in large-cap shares? And where are the most defensive earnings on the ASX? Following our quarterly investor update, Perpetual's Head of Equities, Paul Skamvougeras, answered a range of questions from Livewire's editors on current market issues. Show More

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Value emerging in this unloved sector

Livewire Exclusive

Retail stocks have been down in the dumps in recent months as the hype around Amazon’s entry into the Australian market builds. Neil Margolis, Lead Portfolio Manager at Merlon Capital Partners, has been finding retail stocks trading at 10 to 15 times cashflow, while the broader market trades around 25... Show More

value ASX:HVN ASX:JBH Merlon Capital

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At what level does Harvey Norman become a buy?

Michael Gable
Michael Gable Fairmont Equities

Retail stock prices have made some large moves during the last few months. We traded the recent bounce in JB Hi-Fi but have since moved on. Harvey Norman (HVN) is the other large retailer that attracts plenty of interest amongst investors. At the end of August, HVN announced their full... Show More

fairmont equities ASX:HVN

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Buy Hold Sell: 5 Household stocks

Buy Hold Sell
Buy Hold Sell Livewire

In this week’s episode of Buy Hold Sell, Catherine Allfrey from Wavestone Capital and Chad Slater from Morphic Asset Management share their view on Flight Centre, Harvey Norman, Coca-Cola Amatil, Qantas, and Treasury Wine Estates. Show More

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Harvey Norman Full Year Result: HVN lifts profits but disappoints with cut to dividend

CommSec Online Stockbroker

 Specialty retailer, Harvey Norman (HVN) posted a record and above consensus 28% lift in annual profit to $449m. The result was driven by demand for furniture thanks to record low interest rates, a strong Australian property market, and favourable property revaluations. and was boosted by the collapse of Dick... Show More

retail amazon profit harvey norman ASX:HVN August 2017 Reporting Season

First Impressions from Reporting: HVN

Bell Potter
Bell Potter Stockbroker

In this final reporting season update, we provide first impressions on key takeouts from Harvey Norman Holdings (HVN) with a link through to the more detailed report. Show More

ASX:HVN August 2017 Reporting Season

Amazon Not Introducing Internet to Australia

Adrian Lemme
Adrian Lemme Merlon Capital Partners

Every day it seems the media is reporting how Amazon will destroy Australian retailers. We are under no illusion that Amazon will take market share and reduce the profitability of Australian retailers. It would be foolish to think otherwise given that Amazon grew its North American sales by 25% to... Show More


Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170704

Mathan Somasundaram
Mathan Somasundaram Blue Ocean Equities

Local market ran on positive China and US data before short covering pushed it to the best one day performance since Nov 2016 before RBA watered it down. Banks were up on global bank sentiment while Resources were up on China and Oil data. Retail data helped to push short... Show More

Here's what we learned from leading CEOs this week

NAOS Asset Management
NAOS Asset Management Listed Investment Companies (LICs) ASX: NCC, ASX: NAC

“Amazon will have a huge effect on Woolworths and Coles. All of us in the fresh food retail business will have to be very much more focused” Cathy Harris, Chairwoman, Harris Farm Markets Show More


The problem for Coles and Woolies

Alex Pollak
Alex Pollak Loftus Peak

Amazon on Friday announced the US $14b acquisition of Wholefoods in the US, which has correctly been understood by the Australian market as a reason for the share prices of Coles and Woolworths to fall – just like competitors Walmart and Walgreen did in the US. Show More

smsf disruption ASX:HVN ASX:WES ASX:WOW

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Harvey Norman is a very interesting proposition

Nikko Asset Management Australia

While the market is concerned with the housing cycle and the prospective entry of Amazon, we think that both of these concerns are overblown. In addition, Harvey Norman (HVN) also suffered from allegations of inappropriate accounting practices implying that reported earnings were questionable and became a target for shorting by... Show More


Hidden value in quality retail stocks

Livewire Exclusive

Value is hard to find in the market today, so in the third and final part of our recent brief, we asked our panel of experts to share an investment that offers an attractive risk-reward proposition. Interestingly both equity calls are in the bruised-and-beaten retail sector. Our asset class call... Show More

ASX:HVN ASX:MYR ASX:LOV Enter keywords e.g. ASX:BHP

3 stocks in the firing line

James Gerrish
James Gerrish Market Matters / Shaw and Partners

As we consider different areas to allocate funds into the current market weakness potential tax loss selling should definitely be considered as June slowly evolves. The ASX200 is up almost 6% for the calendar year hence there will not be the number of candidates which would typically be available in... Show More

Tax loss selling roadmap

Richard Coppleson
Richard Coppleson Bell Potter

With investors making big profits this year in certain stocks, there will be many investors who will want to offset these profits via selling their losers to lock in their tax losses and thus reduce their tax bill. I have been watching the tax loss phenomenon in the market closely... Show More


3 implications of the hot property market

Livewire Exclusive

Livewire caught up with Giselle Roux, CIO at Escala Partners, to discuss the implications of elevated housing valuations on the wider economy. These include the effect on the retail sector through reduced levels of discretionary income, as well as two other key areas. Show More

retail residential property ASX:HVN ASX:JBH ASX:WES ASX:WOW

Why Amazon could BOOST the retail sector

Livewire News
Livewire News Livewire

Martin Currie Australia, an affiliate of Legg Mason, has noted that contrary to some analyst reports, the entry of online retailer Amazon in Australia could boost the domestic retail sector instead of a ‘doomsday scenario’ for the sector. Show More


What would a housing crash do to stocks?

Buy Hold Sell
Buy Hold Sell Livewire

The local property market has become Australia's favourite topic of debate. It seems everyone has a view and just last week UBS released a research note calling the top for Australian property. So for equity market investors is this something to be concerned about or is it just making headlines? Show More

CEO INSIGHTS – Week Ending 28 April 2017 by NAOS Asset Management

NAOS Asset Management
NAOS Asset Management Listed Investment Companies (LICs) ASX: NCC, ASX: NAC

“They have had a free ride in this country now for such a long time, because they pay no GST and all the local ­retailers have — now they come here and will try to send all the local retailers broke’’ Gerry Harvey, Founder, Harvey Norman Show More


Amazon arrives in Australia

Alex Pollak
Alex Pollak Loftus Peak

Amazon in the past 24 hours has confirmed it will launch a full-scale retail offering in Australia – it is now calling for local retailers to join its global marketplace as part of the launch, having already briefed CB Richard Ellis for warehouse space earlier this year. Show More

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