Buy Hold Sell: 5 High Flyers at a Discount

Buy Hold Sell

Downgrades can be a double-edged sword; they can ravage your existing positions, but they can provide attractive entry points for stocks on the watchlist. The A2 Milk Company fell nearly 30% following its earnings update, but it’s still up ~200% over the last year; is now the time to jump... Show More


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Telstra and 4 other stocks we're shorting

John Deniz

We initiated a short position in Telstra in February 2017, premised on rising mobile & broadband competition, which was likely to impact on Telstra’s growth outlook. Rising 10-yr bond rates make it a double-whammy for Telstra, which we also view as a bond-proxy. Show More

What Mattered Today; Woodside gets whacked...

James Gerrish

Reporting dominated the market today with some reasonably big ranges for those companies out with results. Overall the market was weak on open, largely a result of selling amongst the resource plays while the banks bucked their recent trend and provided good support – the mkt rallying well from the... Show More


The New Criterion: deathcare in focus

Tim Boreham

The two ASX listed funeral operators face 'grave' concerns if the UK industry trends are replicated here. In the meantime, consolidation of the $1.1 billion local sector continues apace Show More

small caps ASX:IVC ASX: PFP

The New Criterion: three stocks to live and die for

Tim Boreham

Cut price competition means the listed assisted baby makers Virtus and Monash IVF are doing it tough. But funeral operator Invocare remains a stock to die for as mortalities pick up. Show More

small caps ASX:IVC ASX:MVF ASX:VRT IVF death

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170816

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market made a steady recovery after flip flopping for the first few hours. US retail data was string overnight while US markets were undecided. Chinese regulatory moves are beginning to bite while the pullback is aimed to get back to pre 2016 levels. The corporate outlook for US is... Show More

5 top wires in March

Alex Cowie

March has flown by, so in case you missed anything, I’ve summarized five of the top wires we published on Livewire this month. These include: Our review of Hamish Douglass’ presentation; the Buyside Brief we ran on the most important charts today; what Peter Lynch taught Fidelity about Facebook; Buy... Show More

Buy Hold Sell: The Fundies’ Favourites

Buy Hold Sell

Each week in reporting season Livewire polled a selection of fund managers for their standout results. Matthew Kidman from Centennial Funds asks the two JBs’ - Justin Braitling from Watermark and Julian Beaumont from Bennelong their view on five of the Fundies' Favourites. Show More


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5 top wires last month

Alex Cowie

In case reporting season kept you busy, we've summarised five top wires in February for you. Peter Quinton’s top ten picks for 2017, our fund manager earnings results review, and Buy Hold Sell with ‘Quality stocks on sale’ all deliver useful stock ideas. On big picture thinking, we bring you... Show More

Reporting season's best and worst

Hugh Dive

This week saw the end of reporting season for 180 of the ASX200 companies and around 2,000 of the companies listed on the ASX. Over the past month these companies revealed their profit results for the last six months and provided guidance as to how they expect their businesses to... Show More

5 stocks that impressed ... and 1 that bombed

Livewire Exclusive

A group of Australia’s leading Fund Managers have each picked one stock they believe delivered a notable result this week. Sectors covered were diverse, including energy, tourism, materials, media, services, and consumer discretionary. The common thread among the outperformers is they have all ridden industry dynamics - and executed well... Show More

Invocare: Follow the dividend growth

Hugh Dive

In our opinion, the result of the week was from integrated funeral business operator Invocare. Despite a reduction in the population mortality rate, management were able to deliver 10% earnings per share growth and 12% growth in dividends by both controlling costs, success in selling higher margin funeral products and... Show More

ASX:IVC February 2017 Reporting Season

Sunset Strip > Australian Market Trading Day Wrap from Blue Ocean Equities

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market was aimless and drifted lower as global markets digest US Fed’s “fairly soon” rate rise outlook while local reporting season hits top gear. Local market reaction to results are running into short covering. Investors are shooting first and then asking questions later. ABC for one was down early... Show More

Buy Hold Sell: 5 Proven Performers

Buy Hold Sell

Since peaking in early August the ASX200 has shed more than 6%. It’s been a shaky period with investor concerns reflected in rising volatility and some sharp falls in company valuations. When the going gets tough investors often turn to those companies with great track records. In this episode Matthew... Show More


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14 'All-weather' stocks investors must have

Livewire Equities

Livewire regular, Rudi Filapek-Vandyck from FNArena reckons it's hard to find value in today's market - even broker ratings are more negative than in 2007. He looks for ‘All-weather performers,' but there's few of them around on the ASX. "Unfortunately, Australia, being a relatively small market, doesn't have too... Show More

Earnings reports: BHP Billiton, Domino's Pizza, Mirvac & Invocare


BHP Billiton (BHP) posted a larger than expected headline record loss for the full year 2016, but cost control was better than expected and forecasts were in line Show More

ASX:BHP ASX:DMP ASX:IVC ASX:MGR August 2016 Reporting Season

First Impression: Invocare-IVC-Interim result

Bell Potter

Net operating cash flow down 10.7% to $22.5m. Segment Result: Australia revenue was up 3.7%, EBITDA margin lat. | NZ revenue was down -6%, but EBITDA margin improved 265 bps y/y on tight payroll and marketing cost management. | Singapore sales rose 2.7% y/y while EBITDA margin decreased by 136... Show More


Aussie ‘Dividend Aristocrats’ and how to find them

Livewire Exclusive

One of the most popular articles published on Livewire in recent months came from Mason Stevens. The note covered the performance of a unique set of companies that have been able to increase their dividends each year for 25 consecutive years. As the chart below shows the constituents of this... Show More


Are these the Australian dividend aristocrats?

Marcus Tuck

Our recent focus on US Dividend Aristocrat stocks that have increased dividends every year for the past 25 years prompted a discussion with readers about which Australian listed companies have also been able to deliver an outstanding dividend history over a long period of time. Five stocks kept being mentioned... Show More


Daily AGM Note Friday 20 May 2016

Avatar fallback

UPDATE - A first strike against the Remuneration Report at Spark Infrastructure and some lowish votes on the director election resolutions for both the Board endorsed and non-Board endorsed candidates... although there is a clear difference between the level of 'low' for the former and the latter. Termination benefits resolutions... Show More