5 microcaps on our radar

Steve McCarthy

Meeting with management from small cap companies is an important part of any professional investors process. Here we share our thoughts following recent meetings with the teams from 5 microcap companies on our radar, including Pioneer Credit, Gale Pacific, Joyce Corp, Blackwall and Zenitas Healthcare. Show More


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An old world stock with new world upside

Steve McCarthy

At a time when so many investors are focused on technology and growth, it is understandable why the market is less interested in a seemingly old-economy company like Joyce Corporation Limited (ASX:JYC). Joyce’s origins go back over 130 years, and at one point was Australia’s largest foam and furniture manufacturer,... Show More

value investing small caps micro caps ASX:JYC Joyce

Investing mistakes, and one that you may be overlooking

Mark Tobin

Investing is full of mistakes. If we are unable to accept we were wrong in our thesis around a stock and it is now time sell, well we won't last long in investing. Even the best fund managers are only getting 6 out 10 of their picks right the other... Show More

High quality shopping list

Steve McCarthy

Finding high quality businesses to invest in means sifting through many, many companies which don’t make the grade. The higher the grade required, the more sustainable and repeat-able the process in our opinion. Our shopping list for high quality stocks is long and hard to achieve: i) Profitable and generating... Show More


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