Mathan Somasundaram

Local market moved higher on better commodity prices and positive US reporting cycle. The market has been flip flopping all July…9 up days and 9 down days…July cycle so far has only delivered two consecutive positive days and we just had it. US Fed update early tomorrow morning…will set the... Show More

Avatar fallback

Some smaller ASX listed entity AGMs feature in today's note including Enerji (first strike), Galaxy Resources, Intrepid Mines, Kula Gold, Latin Resources, Po Valley Energy, KGL Resources (two strike AGM with the contingent/conditional Board Spill Resolution on the AGM agenda), Red Sky Energy, Sovereign Gold (first strike), plus general meeting... Show More

Avatar fallback

A busy AGM month this month and I can't hope to touch on all the AGMs...but I have a note on All the Majors AGMs happening this month, the two strike AGMs happening this month and a note with a selection of AGMs and General Meetings occurring in... Show More