Investing in Australia's growing retirement communities

Pengana Capital

Australia’s ageing population continues to grow due to increasing life expectancy. As the majority of companies operating in the retirement space focus on the higher end of the market, Lifestyle Communities offers a luxury product for those who sit in the lower end. Show More

Asian Equities series: Part 1: Finding value in unexpected places

Peter Wilmshurst

Asia is offering compelling investment opportunities, though not necessarily in the places one might expect. Fundamental conditions within the region have improved significantly and valuations remain undemanding, particularly relative to the later-cycle US market. Show More

Future Generation 2018: Stock idea snapshot

Alex Cowie

We heard from 11 of the market’s top fund managers yesterday at the Future Generation Investment Forum, with each offering at least one stock idea. If you missed it, we have summarised the key points from each presentation below and included the link to the recording. Show More

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Business Insights Across the Market

NAOS Asset Management

“The switch from traditional fuels into renewables is just a massive switch, and we're seeing it across so many different businesses that we are working with – not just our own business, but so many different businesses out there, where the energy profile they are looking at is changing as... Show More

The Rules of Investing: Low-risk, high-return investing

Livewire Exclusive

Higher returns require higher risk and volatility… Or at least, that’s what finance theory would tell us. Is it possible to ‘have your cake and eat it too’? Callum Burns, Portfolio Manager of the SG Hiscock ICE Fund clearly thinks so, and he’s got the track record to back it... Show More

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US is one of the biggest risk to investors in 2018

Peter Wilmshurst

The US market has become more complex. Earnings have been strong during 2017 but multiples are highly elevated, meaning there are increasingly fewer opportunities. One of the biggest risks for markets would have to be US equities. It’s more than 50% of the MSCI World Index, and where many people... Show More

Macron-Merkel duo to pursue the vision of a 'United States of Europe'

Peter Wilmshurst

Angela Merkel has been re-elected German Chancellor for a fourth term. A strong domestic economy (record low unemployment) and high standards of living have understandably contributed to Germans’ satisfaction with the current state of affairs, and wanting more of the same. Show More

Full steam ahead for healthcare sector

Peter Wilmshurst

What are the long-term secular drivers for the Healthcare sector? Ageing populations across developed markets, rising middle class demanding better healthcare facilities in the emerging markets, and key reforms in the US all imply healthcare is a positive investment area for almost every global economy we look at. The right... Show More

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Gateway Lifestyle: Has the horse bolted?

UBS Asset Management

The FY16 reporting season has passed. Most results passed without fanfare. We did, however, receive a few positive surprises and a few negative ones. Positive surprises included Motorcycle Holdings, Baby Bunting, iSentia and Sirtex Medical. We received a negative surprise from Gateway Lifestyle (GTY-AU). In particular, the company guided to... Show More