If things change… You have to change quickly too

Livewire Exclusive

Sitting on a >450% gain in under 20 months from one of their positions, Monash Investors not just sold out, but sold short. Simon Shields told the Livewire Live audience: “You can’t just be sitting on the same side all the time. If things change you have to change pretty... Show More

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10 LICs trading at a discount

Patrick Poke

There are a range of brokers and researchers who produce regularly monthly or quarterly updates on the LIC sector. While the quality and depth of the research available is excellent, providing complete coverage of over 100 companies and trusts takes can take several weeks. Show More

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Opportunities and risks in the pricing of LICs

Dominic   McCormick

There are now more than 100 closed end listed investment funds on the ASX including Listed Investment Companies (“LICs”) and Listed Investment Trusts (“LITs”). For simplicity I will refer to them all as “LICs”. LICs differ from other listed funds such as ETFs and active ETFs in a range of... Show More

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Livewire Christmas Cracker #7: A micro-cap biotech we like for 2018

Livewire Exclusive

In our new 'Christmas Cracker' series, each morning through to Christmas we will bring you a top insight from one of our contributors. These will be diverse and could be a macro call, sector view, stock idea, or even some useful tech. Today’s insight is from Simon Shields, Monash Investors. Show More

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The retail stock most likely to go bust

Livewire Exclusive

Amazon’s official launch is imminent. With the world’s biggest Ecommerce company potentially days away from taking market share, we asked a panel of Livewire contributors who is most likely to go bust, and what the key drivers of valuation have been. Show More

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Microcaps Stellar Quarter: 8.9% vs. Large Caps 1.0%

Mark Tobin

While FY18 is barely underway the microcap and small caps indexes have got off to a flyer, significantly outperforming large caps indexes. Although most microcap managers have made a good start, they have lagged the index performance a bit but as the old adage goes “A good start is half... Show More


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If 24 LICs ran the Melbourne Cup... which would be our favourites?

Daryl Wilson

To win the Melbourne Cup requires a horse that is well trained, has a great jockey, and importantly hasn’t been hit too hard with a weight handicap from the stewards. To win the "Affluence LIC Cup", an LIC requires many of the same attributes... Show More

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Skydive the Beach set to soar

Simon Shields

Skydive the Beach (ASX: SKB) is an adventure tourism company. SKBs principal activity is the provision of tandem skydiving and it is named after its original skydiving site on a beach in Wollongong. The skydiving industry has historically been dominated by smaller businesses. SKB has consolidated a fragmented skydiving industry... Show More

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How do microcap managers perform in the long-term?

Mark Tobin

Active microcap managers demonstrated in FY17 that this part of the stock market can be a great alpha generator for managers (and their investors). In this wire, we ask how they have stacked up against their benchmarks over 3, 5 and even 10 years... Show More

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Microcaps: FY17 in review

Mark Tobin

While the financial year 2017 may not have been overly pleasing when one looks at the performance of the ASX emerging companies index which returned a dismal -2.3% for the year. A different picture emerges when looking at the performance of active managers in the space. The majority of microcap... Show More

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How to identify outstanding LICs

Independent Investment Research

Listed Investment Companies (LICs) have enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance ever since the Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) reforms levelled the playing field with unlisted trusts. In the last four years, 42 new LICs have been listed, bringing the total combined market capitalisation for all LICS to $31 billion at... Show More

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Three stocks for a shifting market

Livewire Exclusive

Livewire recently asked Sean Fenton of Tribeca, Vince Pezzullo of Perpetual, and Simon Shields of Monash to share their views as to whether the trend that emerged last year, whereby growth stocks struggled and cyclicals rallied, could continue through 2017. Following on from their enlightening responses, we asked our three... Show More

Lessons from 2016’s best and worst performers

Livewire Exclusive

The lists of the best performing and worst performing stocks in the ASX200 during 2016 told a dramatic narrative of a reversal of fortunes between growth stocks and resource stocks. One month into 2017, and we have evidence of this continuing. BHP and RIO are up 11.2% and 14.4% year-to-date... Show More

The Monash four-point valuation checklist

Monash Investors Pty Limited

The single best way to generate strong returns is to identify stocks that are trading a long way from their fair price. This not only generates better results, but also creates a margin of safety that helps us hit our 80% success rate benchmark. As our objective at Monash Investors... Show More

Kogan a standout in a difficult sector

Monash Investors Pty Limited

Internet retailing has been one part of the market that has taken a bit of a beating lately. For example: Surfstitch, Temple & Webster and AHA Life. We did not invest in any of these. So it was good to see a company in which we did invest, Kogan, beat... Show More


Monash Absolute Investment Company IPO

Monash Investors Pty Limited

Monash Investors established their absolute return fund in July 2012, and since that time, the fund has experienced an annual net return of 15.91% p.a., with lower volatility, fewer drawdowns and a lower beta than the major market indexes. Importantly these returns have been achieved with little to no leverage.... Show More