Alex Cowie

A cohort of Australia’s leading fund managers gathered at the 2017 Future Generation Investment Forum two weeks ago, each presenting their top stock idea. A clear trend is already emerging in the domestic stocks mentioned. While the broader market has pulled back 2.2% since the Forum, this group of stocks... Show More

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Livewire Exclusive

The 2017 Future Generation Investment Forum has been a resounding success. Livewire provided coverage of the event in which 13 of Australia’s leading fund managers all offered at least one of their best stock ideas. Presenting firms include Magellan Financial Group, Tribeca Investment Partners, Wilson Asset Management, Morphic Asset Management,... Show More

Avatar fallback

UPDATE - A first strike against the Remuneration Report at Spark Infrastructure and some lowish votes on the director election resolutions for both the Board endorsed and non-Board endorsed candidates... although there is a clear difference between the level of 'low' for the former and the latter. Termination benefits resolutions... Show More