Microcap Stocks to Watch

Mark Tobin

Well, another reporting season has come and gone. After sifting through literally hundreds of microcap results my assessment was that it was a very average reporting season for microcaps. A few standouts with good beats to guidance and strong outlook statements but the vast majority came in soft or missed... Show More

ASX Microcap Early Reporting Season Results

Mark Tobin

Well, another reporting season is on us and results are starting to come in thick and fast. As investors, August and February represent the 2 months of the year when we find out does our investment thesis get proven or disproven. I have previously done a guide on how to... Show More

Four more microcap stocks to watch

Mark Tobin

This month we outline four microcaps to watch, and discuss some research from Goldman Sachs on coverage at the small end of the market. We also talk to a high performing microcap fund, and discuss one of the more interesting stocks from their portfolio. Show More

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Mitula: A clear strategy to drive value for shareholders

Perpetual Equity Investment Company

Mitula is a ‘vertical search’ website operator that aggregates online classifieds, providing users with the ability to obtain search results from multiple advertisers with one search query. The current portfolio includes over 170 websites in 45 countries and offers four primary verticals: real estate, employment, vehicle sales and fashion. Mitula... Show More