Franking credits: storm in a teacup?

James Gerrish

While I'm yet to observe a popular way for governments to tax the masses, Labor's proposals on franking credits has focussed the attention of one very local and agitated demographic in particular: wealthy retirees with the time and inclination to rile the boffins that have suggested such an impost. Show More

Listed investment trusts providing new opportunities in fixed income

Peter Rae

Until recently there have been few opportunities for investors to gain fixed interest exposure by investing in listed investment companies and trusts. The listing of MCP Master Income Trust in October 2017 breathed some new life into the sector and the number of fixed income opportunities continue to grow. In... Show More

10 high yield LICs

Peter Rae

In its latest LMI Monthly Update, Independent Investment Research takes a look at the recent listed investment company reporting season which saw a majority of LICs report higher earnings and many pay higher dividends to their shareholders. We also highlight the top 10 yielding LICs under our coverage and discuss... Show More

Executive Series: MCP Master Income Trust (MXT) Managing Partner, Andrew Lockhart


CommSec's Tom Piotrowski speaks with MCP Master Income Trust (MXT) Managing Partner, Andrew Lockhart about: The performance of the MCP Master Income Trust (MXT) since listing on the ASX 3 months ago; Prevailing conditions in the syndicated loan market and the makeup of MXT’s loan portfolio; MXT’s exposure to floating... Show More

A big year for LICs

Peter Rae

2017 was an exceptional year for new listed investment company and listed investment trust raisings, with 14 new entities raising a total of $4.2bn via initial public offers. This significantly exceeded the funds raised by new LIC/LIT offers in the previous two years and lifted the total number of LICs... Show More

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