Andrew Mitchell

Not unlike the regenerative quality of an Australian summer bushfire, equity market corrections are a necessary evil of healthy and well-functioning markets. More often than not, they allow share markets to recalibrate and consolidate over the shorter-term, whilst also acting as an agent to transfer capital from weaker, short-term hands... Show More

Luke Cummings

With a headline value of just under $2.2b, investors awoke to news on Monday morning that accounting software provider MYOB Group Limited (MYO.ASX) had yet again attracted the interests of a private equity group; KKR & Co had submitted an initial non-binding proposal at $3.70 per share having lightened Bain... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

It seems like just weeks ago that February reporting season was wrapping up, but believe it or not, reporting season is upon us again. The Australian market has performed solidly in the period since, having gained 4.4% since the end of February. But this number hides the dichotomy that has... Show More


In this short video we discuss; MYO’s recently reported results which included revenues for the six month period increasing to $204 million, up 14 per cent on prior year, and underlying earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) which rose to $90 million, up 9 per cent on prior... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market ran into profit taking as US fiscal stimulus expected to take longer. Local market ran into profit taking in all sectors except gold with downgrade stocks experiencing further slide in share price performance. RBA comments support rates on hold through 2017 due to household debt, weak wages, underemployment... Show More

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Self-driving cars, electric cars, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, streaming video on demand… The list of technologies threatening to improve our lives and/or take our jobs is ever-growing. Stories of failed incumbents such as Kodak, MySpace, and Yahoo are popular among investors, but in reality, incumbents are frequently successful... Show More

Livewire Equities

“The top 100 companies have struggled to grow earnings, but there are many other companies with sustainable long-term earnings growth. The key is to look for good-quality companies with a sustainable competitive advantage where it is difficult for clients to discontinue using the product or service. A good example is... Show More

Avatar fallback

The first of two months in the mini AGM season, key AGMs this month include Rio Tinto plc, Woodside Petroleum, CIMIC Group and Henderson Group. Other meetings of interest are Recall's scheme meeting on 19 April, Investa Office Fund unitholder meeting on 15 April and STW Group's meeting on 4... Show More