Six reasons we like CSL

Pengana Capital

As with all of our investments we are looking for a company with a current sustainable after tax cash earnings yield of 6 – 8% p.a. with strong growth for the medium term. CSL sits at 6% and is growing at 10%+. Six reasons we like CSL Limited include the... Show More

Pengana Capital Group Investor Roadshow – March 2018

Pengana Capital

Pengana Capital Group is pleased to provide access to a video replay of the March 2018 investor roadshow. The session includes a presentation from Russel Pillemer, Chief Executive Officer of Pengana Capital Group and Steven Glass, Head of Research and Portfolio Manager: Pengana International Equities. Show More


Pengana Capital Investor Roadshow August 2017

Pengana Capital

Pengana Capital is pleased to provide investors with access to a video replay of the recent investor roadshow. The presentation provides an overview of the Pengana Capital business, introduces the Pengana International Equities investment team and covers our current market views. Show More