10% outperformance in 7 weeks

Alex Cowie
Alex Cowie Livewire Markets

The ASX-listed stocks highlighted by some of Australia’s leading fund managers at the 2017 Future Generation Investment Forum in May have defied seasonal weakness, and on average now gained 8.8% in the 7 weeks since the forum. This puts this interesting basket of stocks more than 10% ahead of the... Show More


7 top wires from last month

Alex Cowie
Alex Cowie Livewire Markets

In case the brutal markets distracted you last month, we’ve summarised seven top wires from May for you below. These include our coverage of the 15 stocks discussed at the Future Generation Investor Forum, Investors Mutual sharing four lessons from twenty years managing small caps, Affluence Funds with 3 LIC’s... Show More

Future generation stock ideas are outperforming

Alex Cowie
Alex Cowie Livewire Markets

A cohort of Australia’s leading fund managers gathered at the 2017 Future Generation Investment Forum two weeks ago, each presenting their top stock idea. A clear trend is already emerging in the domestic stocks mentioned. While the broader market has pulled back 2.2% since the Forum, this group of stocks... Show More

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Stock calls from the 2017 Future Generation Investor Forum: Part two

Livewire Exclusive

Part two of the 2017 Future Generation Investment Forum has just concluded, with stock calls from anther six of Australia’s leading fund managers being discussed. As per part one, our notes on each of the stocks is below, as is the link to coverage of Part one. Show More

How are Australian Cricket and Investing alike?

Nigel Littlewood
Nigel Littlewood Harness Asset Management

During the summer months, I enjoy listening to the Cricket on the radio. Unlike my father (who would inject it if he could), I’m no expert but I find it engaging while I’m driving or doing chores around the home. This Season I had an observation that seemed so parallel... Show More


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PMP printing money

Wilson Asset Management

On Friday, commercial printing company PMP Limited (ASX: PMP) announced it will merge with privately owned print and digital services provider IPMG Group. PMP Limited will acquire 100% of IPMG and issue new PMP shares to existing IPMG shareholders. Combined, IPMG shareholders will then hold a maximum 37% interest in... Show More

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