The 20 most 'liked' wires this quarter

Alex Cowie

One of many slick features our talented dev team has built this quarter is a re-engineered ‘Trending' panel on our website. Their algo crunches data from clicks, likes, comments, and social shares (the button at the bottom-left of each wire), to create an ever-changing carousel of your favourite content. Show More

Key growth pillars all strong for this retail stock

Bell Potter

Premier Investments Limited (PMV) has announced underlying 1H18 NPAT of $78.8m, 6.5% up on pcp. The Just Group EBIT of $102.5m was in line with our $103.4 estimate. The result key highlights are as follows: Show More


Bell Potter Analyst Outlook & Top Stock Picks for 2018

Bell Potter

In this report, our analysts share their sector view and top stock picks for 2018 across sectors including banks and general insurers, diversified financials, LICs, fixed income, agricultural FMCG, technology, discretionary retail, industrials, resources, and healthcare & biotech. Show More

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Discretionary Retail Outlook for 2018 - Sam Haddad

Bell Potter

With consideration to the challenging domestic macro backdrop and the increasing competitive environment (with Amazon and other incoming international competitors), we prefer retailers with the following key attributes: Show More


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The timeless tools of investing

Livewire Exclusive

The allure of fast money and the ‘fear of missing out’ toy with investors on a daily basis. Right now valuations of companies exposed to themes like electric vehicles, medicinal marijuana and emerging infant formula markets could be described as ‘effervescent’. Show More


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11 very different growth opportunities

Livewire Exclusive

Greencape is able to invest right across the market, and we had the chance to ask Jonathan Koh where the fund was seeing the best medium-term growth opportunities on the ASX today. In this short exclusive, Jonathan provides a brief overview on 11 stocks straddling all sectors and sizes. Show More

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Small-caps and mid-caps riding global growth

Andrew Mitchell

Australian small and mid-cap companies are perhaps not the first port of call in an investors mind when considering avenues to gain exposure to international growth opportunities. Yet the sector at present offers investors a multitude of companies with leveraged exposure to the growth in offshore markets, a function that... Show More


See what The CEO's thought of Energy, Electric Vehicles and Retail this week

NAOS Asset Management

“The world health organisation reports ‘in 2012 around 7 million people died, one in eight of total global deaths, as a result of air pollution exposure'. I wanted you to hear it directly from me: Dyson has begun work on a battery electric vehicle, due to be launched by 2020”... Show More


Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170726

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market moved higher on better commodity prices and positive US reporting cycle. The market has been flip flopping all July…9 up days and 9 down days…July cycle so far has only delivered two consecutive positive days and we just had it. US Fed update early tomorrow morning…will set the... Show More

A quality stock for a rising AUD

Chris Stott

Currency is one consideration among many factors, including the quality of the management, industry position and earnings per share, which we assess when evaluating a company as an investment proposition. In this wire, we look at some areas to avoid, and one stock in particular that offers good exposure, should... Show More


Four stocks to play a stronger Aussie

Livewire Exclusive

With the Australian dollar picking up, we asked a contributor panel for their views on which sectors to avoid, and which sectors could benefit. Today they go on to share four stocks they think offer a good risk-adjusted exposure to a rising AUD. Read on for responses from Chris Stott,... Show More


Winners and losers from a strong Aussie dollar

Livewire Exclusive

While consensus had a strong case for the Australian dollar to fall in 2017, it has climbed 10% so far this year, and almost touched 80c. With the market wrong-footed on this key issue, Livewire asked a panel of contributors what a strong Australian dollar means for investors. Show More


Top Stock Picks for FY18

Bell Potter

In this report, our analyst team share their top stock picks for FY18, and also provide their sector outlook. On Financials, TS Lim reports that "There is something for everyone in Show More

PMV: Delivering growth in a soft environment

Andrew Mitchell

The shake out of some of the larger cap money from the small cap space through the back end of 2016, came primarily on the view that the reflation trade had taken hold and resources and cyclical-type businesses were now back in favour. The market sold good quality, highly cash... Show More


5 Oversold Small Caps

Livewire Exclusive

Livewire reached out to a group of small cap portfolio managers to ask for a stock that has been unduly sold down as part of a sector de-rating, rather than company specific issues. Their selections specifically highlighted the value now present in retail, mining services and infrastructure. Show More

Retail on the nose?

Pat Barrett

This thematic of retail being on the nose is picking up momentum with another three reports in the past week documenting the headwinds for retail tenants and in turn landlords. We do agree with the general thesis and that's why we went underweight the retail sector last year but where... Show More


Amazon's effect on the retail sector

Andrew Mitchell

As smaller company investors, we are relatively accustomed to seeing rapid growth from new businesses that have identified a new market or way to disrupt a lazy incumbent. The rapid growth and domination of new companies and business models at the mega-cap end of the market, however, is an entirely... Show More

retail amazon ASX:PMV Ophir Asset Management NASDAQ:AMZN

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The coming confession for retail stocks

Livewire Exclusive

Australian retail stocks are yet to feel the full force of disruption from ecommerce, explains Nick Griffin, Head of Investments at Munro Partners. Retailers rely on store rollouts to grow their earnings with increased foot traffic, as online retailers such as Amazon continue to chip away from this traffic, the... Show More

Market Close - Myer reveals Premier Investments was buyer of 10% stake


The ASX 200 has jumped 0.9%, adding to yesterday’s 1.3% improvement. At the close, Myer revealed Premier Investments was the buyer of a 10.77% stake in the company on Monday: Show More

myer ASX:MYR ASX:PMV PREMIER INVESTMENTS Steven Daghlian Market News

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170322

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market was smacked down after US market decided to hit the reverse button after optimism was far ahead of valuation. The last time the local market took a worse belting was in Nov 2016. US market moved into second part of “Buy the rumour, Sell the fact” trade as... Show More