First Impressions from Reporting: TCL, IFL and SCP

Bell Potter

In this daily reporting season update, we provide first impressions on key takeouts from companies reporting today, including Transurban Group (TCL), IOOF Holdings (IFL) and Shopping Centres Australasia (SCP) with links through to more detailed reports. Show More

ASX:IFL ASX:TCL ASX:SCP August 2018 Reporting Season

What should you sell in a volatile market?

Hugh Dive

The first two months of 2018 have been a wild ride for Australian shares, with big falls and then big recoveries. However, from looking at the headlines in the financial press most investors would be surprised to find out that the ASX 200 index actually finished February exactly where it... Show More


FNArena Reporting Season Monitor: Week 1 - February 2018

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

Welcome to the FNArena Reporting Season Monitor for the February result season 2018. The Monitor reports ratings and consensus price target changes, along with brief summaries of the collective responses, from FNArena database brokers for each of the 300+ stocks. Week 1 is now available with coverage of 30 stocks. Show More

Avoiding the portfolio ‘torpedoes’

Hugh Dive

I have had the “fortunate” experience of having observed both the GFC in 2007-08 and the Tech Wreck in 2001 from the vantage points of helping to manage conservative value-style funds. During these periods the portfolios were populated with companies paying dividends from stable recurring earnings such as TransCanada Pipelines... Show More


Stocks and strategies for stormy markets

Livewire Exclusive

The Dow Jones’ 2-day, 1,800-point correction, left many investors scrambling for ideas on Monday and Tuesday. By 10:30am Wednesday, many stocks had recovered close to their previous highs. While most experienced investors know that corrections and crashes can offer great buying opportunities, it’s easy to be caught off guard by... Show More

My thoughts on the recent Wall Street correction

Anton Tagliaferro

Last week Wall Street fell over 1,000 points, reversing the sharp rises of earlier in the month. Many are now asking if this is the start of a new trend on markets and what it all means for the Australian sharemarket. Show More

volatility correction ASX:BHP ASX:RIO ASX:SKI ASX:SCP

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Is the dream run of Australia’s Big 4 coming to an end?

Investors Mutual

The continued success and profitability of Australian banks over the last few decades, as well as recent large capital raisings, means that Australia’s big 4 banks are now valued at over $400 billion by market capitalisation and they account for over 26% of the S&P/ASX 300 index. As a result,... Show More


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Are the supermarkets a better bet than their landlords?

James Gerrish

Both areas of the market offer reasonable yields, the Supermarkets are fully franked, the landlords aren’t however the main question should be around earnings and importantly, the outlook for those earnings over the foreseeable future. Show More

Transurban Group (TCL) and Shopping Centres Australasia (SCP) - First Impressions from Reporting

Bell Potter

Transurban Group (TCL): Reported Average daily traffic (ADT) growth across the portfolio of 4%. Portfolio Performance: Sydney - ADT growth 3.4%, Toll Revenue Growth 9.2% and EBITDA growth 10.2.%. Melbourne ADT growth -1.0%, Toll Revenue Growth 4.1%, and EBITDA growth 5.3%. Brisbane - ADT growth 15%, Toll Revenue growth 22.9%,... Show More


The biggest IPO of all Time

Hugh Dive

Since mid-June the oil price is up 15%, which has breathed fresh hope into beleaguered energy companies globally. The catalyst for the recovery in the oil price was the announcement that Saudi Arabia, OPEC’s largest producer, will limit oil exports coinicidentally as the Saudi's begin to start marketing what is... Show More


Will shopping centres go the same way as Channel 10?

Pat Barrett

The voluntary administration of Channel 10 is tangible evidence of the evolution of the media sector, with the station’s reliance on the younger demographic challenged by social media, YouTube, online streaming and pay TV. The days of a family sitting in the same room to watch TV are long gone,... Show More


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Party like it is 2007???

Hugh Dive

The Australian listed property sector has performed solidly over the past five years, climbing its way out of the depths of despair reached in March 2009. As many investors clearly recall, that the sector fell 70% between September 2007 and March 2009 as many over-geared trusts struggled to refinance debt,... Show More


Out of the woods? Not just yet…

Pat Barrett

While US stocks rise to record levels thanks to The Don's "phenomenal" tax cuts, French and Italian bonds gained amidst political risk. Many discount Le Pen's chances in France but those same commentators discounted Trump's chances and Brexit. At home, there have been signs of strain with weaker earnings reported... Show More


Feb 2017 Reporting Season Calendar

Bell Potter

Our reporting calendar covers 210 companies for the February period, as well as several in March, and highlights reporting dates, period reported, NPAT (consensus and Bell Potter estimates) and our analyst recommendation for the stock. The pace is increasing, with 6 reporting tomorrow (AVJennings, BWP, Carsales, Paragon, Rio Tinto), and... Show More

What’s going on in Listed Property?

Hugh Dive

Over the last two years listed property has been the top performing sectors on the ASX 200 outperforming the broader equity market. While Australian other sectors in the equity market have faced concerns about a rising and then falling AUD, falling commodity prices, Eurozone issues and bank capital raisings, listed... Show More

First Impression: Shopping centres Australasia-SCP- FY16 result

Bell Potter

Distributable Earnings of 13.75 cents per unit, up by 7.3% on the same period last year | Distribution up 7% to $12.2cpu, representing a payout ratio of 89% | Net tangible assets of $1.92 per unit, up by 8.5% from $1.77 per unit since 30 June 2015 (current price $2.09)... Show More