Resurrection or Crucifixion: Themes for the Australian Results Season

Marcus Padley

Here is the ASX 200 results calendar - the results season is still a couple of weeks away. As usual, it is a best endeavours calendar, some companies simply don’t set a reliable date. The big companies generally do. Show More

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15 wires that captured your attention

Alex Cowie

Livewire strives to give readers unparalleled access to expert investment ideas so that they can be more informed and achieve better investment outcomes. Here is a distillation of 15 such wires that really captured your attention this quarter. Show More

SDA potentially a great opportunity for patient investors

Clime Asset Management

The market is littered with the corpses of over-geared, would-be consolidators that grew too fast and didn’t fully integrate acquisitions along the way. You needn’t even stray outside of the telco sector to find a recent and very public example in Vocus Group (ASX:VOC). You would therefore be forgiven for... Show More

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5 stocks that could double cash flow in 5 years

Rob Tucker

­­­Whilst we use a megatrend framework to identify a narrow subset of stocks that we then spend more time understanding, we ultimately invest capital on a stock by stock, bottom up basis. We focus heavily on cash flow growth as a key metric of how we look to invest money.... Show More


Six high conviction stocks in June

Morgans Financial Limited

Recent data suggest that the global economy is strengthening. This should provide support for growth assets, although on current elevated valuations there is little room for earnings disappointment. In the middle of what is a traditionally weaker period for markets (May-June), we make two changes this month, removing Macquarie Atlas... Show More


Eight high conviction stocks to buy in May

Morgans Financial Limited

Our high conviction stocks are those that we think offer the highest risk-adjusted returns over a 12-month timeframe, supported by a higher-than-average level of confidence. They are typically our preferred sector exposures. Here are our five ASX100, and three ex-ASX100, high-conviction stock picks this month: Show More


Seven high conviction stocks to buy in April

Morgans Financial Limited

Australian shares have generally followed the pattern of global equities, following a wave of Trump-induced optimism. While we have confidence in a cyclical turnaround over the medium term, we need to see signs of better earnings momentum before getting more comfortable with a much broader-based rally. In this environment, investors... Show More

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170330

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market had another positive day driven by resources and banks despite weak global sentiment. Resource were pushed up by better commodities while stronger currency drove global investors to buy into our banks. Staples, Energy and REITs were the best performers while Gold, Industrials and Utilities were the negative sectors. Show More

Key Telco picks: Speedcast and NextDC

Morgans Financial Limited

Nick Harris Senior Analyst Telecommunications, Technology and Financial Services gives his thoughts on Speedcast (‘our high conviction pick’), NextDC (‘second in line’), TPG Telecom (‘reduce recommendation’), Vocus (‘bit nervous’) and Superloop (‘good but needs momentum’). Watch Nick’s short update here: Show More


Quality small-caps battling the headwinds

Monash Investors Pty Limited

Out of the top 12 companies held by the Monash Absolute Investment Fund, 7 beat analyst earnings expectations during the recent reporting season. However, the headwind against smaller growth companies that started in October continues. So despite a “good” results season, the fund went backwards. Show More

Two new high conviction stocks from reporting season

Morgans Financial Limited

Similar to the August 2016 reporting season, the market's most important large-cap financial and industrial stocks delivered robust results - albeit with some notable exceptions in Brambles and Telstra. Outlook statements from the market leaders were again broadly cautious. Aside from stellar results delivered by the miners as expected, the... Show More

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Buy Hold Sell: Small-caps under pressure

Buy Hold Sell

Freddie Mercury once said “Tomorrow gets me higher, higher, higher...” but since October it’s been lower, lower, lower for small caps. After a sustained period of outperformance, the Small Ords have now underperformed the ASX 50 by 9.67% since the beginning of October. Of the five stocks discussed in this... Show More

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Three stocks for a shifting market

Livewire Exclusive

Livewire recently asked Sean Fenton of Tribeca, Vince Pezzullo of Perpetual, and Simon Shields of Monash to share their views as to whether the trend that emerged last year, whereby growth stocks struggled and cyclicals rallied, could continue through 2017. Following on from their enlightening responses, we asked our three... Show More

Livewire readers’ full list of 2017 stock ideas

Alex Cowie

Towards the end of 2016, we ran a survey with Livewire readers on key market issues for the year ahead. We reported on the twenty most frequently picked stocks from this survey in this popular wire: Show More

Livewire readers' top stock ideas for 2017

Patrick Poke

In December, we asked Livewire readers for their view on a range of market issues for the year ahead. As part of this, you shared your best stock ideas with us. We received 601 responses to this question, with 276 unique stock ideas. The most popular ideas this year showed... Show More

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Market Manager | Riding the choppy market with diversification

Mathan Somasundaram

Whilst global markets have maintained positive momentum into 2017, valuations look stretched. Markets are going to run into the US reporting season given the US leadership change and the recent rally pricing due to the optimistic outlook. However, US fiscal policy uncertainty, historically low volatility, rising USD, rising yields and... Show More

Sunset Strip | Aussie Afternoon Institutional Market Wrap

Mathan Somasundaram

Market moved up again on positive global sentiment to deliver third straight positive day. The local market has now reached near 18mth high on price index while making new all-time high on accumulation (i.e. including dividend) index. The main market in focus is the US and history shows that there... Show More

Sunset Strip | Aussie Afternoon Institutional Market Wrap

Mathan Somasundaram

Market pulled back with global sentiment after US Fed flagged a step up in their outlook to rate rise. Credit is where credit is due. US Fed has taken a beating from every pundit on the rate of change while history will treat them well as they have achieved their... Show More

Five ASX100 stocks to buy in December

Morgans Financial Limited

We’re encouraged by what we see in the market, the ‘Trump-bump’ has buoyed market sentiment. The reinflation born in the US is a good thing for markets, we’re encouraged that monetary policy no longer seems to be the only game in town as fiscal stimulus gains favour. While the reflation... Show More

ASX:RMD ASX:SYD ASX:WBC ASX:ALQ ASX:ORA High conviction asx:sda

Market Manager | Small caps back on the menu at discount prices

Mathan Somasundaram

Global markets are flip flopping with the US market hitting all time highs. US fiscal policy uncertainty, historically low volatility, a rising USD, rising yields and stretched valuations are raising doubts on the recent exuberance in the equity market. Strong commodities along with a robust USD and rising yields suggests... Show More