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A well-constructed portfolio should always have some defensive stocks, which we identify using four investment criteria: 1) Market capitalisation of at least $1.0 billion; 2) The investment arithmetic — price earnings ratios, dividend yields, and so on—must be reasonable compared to the valuations of the overall share market; 3) The... Show More

Investors Mutual

The recent Brexit vote has sparked significant weakness in financial markets around the world, and while it is undoubtedly an important economic and political event for the UK, in reality, the underlying fundamentals of the vast majority of Australian companies are unchanged. Most ASX-listed companies are not directly exposed to... Show More

Avatar fallback

UPDATE - A first strike against the Remuneration Report at Spark Infrastructure and some lowish votes on the director election resolutions for both the Board endorsed and non-Board endorsed candidates... although there is a clear difference between the level of 'low' for the former and the latter. Termination benefits resolutions... Show More