Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170629

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market had another cracker day on the back of better commodities and higher rates outlook. Commodities had another good night with Iron Ore leading the charge…Iron Ore up nearly 10% in two days. US dollar continues to fall after another Health Care fail supporting IMF call to downgrade US... Show More

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170523

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market jumped up on the global optimism before fading into a negative day on the back of terror attack in UK and US budget requests. The best performers were Gold, IT and Retail while Banks, Miners and Telcos were the worst performers. Since the start of Q2, we have... Show More

10 key themes and 29 ways to play them

Morgans Financial Limited

Equity markets remain at the mercy of abnormal macroeconomic conditions such as unconventional central bank interest rate settings and heightened political uncertainty. Making bold portfolio decisions amid such uncertain conditions is a difficult and potentially hazardous exercise; hence our cautious Asset Allocation settings. Despite these challenges, we think that enduring... Show More

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170329

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market had another solid day in line with US market after continued strong consumer and housing data. IT, Industrials and Energy were the best performers while Gold was the only negative sector. Banks continue to do the heavy lifting as more doubts were raised about the regulatory risks while... Show More

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170314

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market was flat with resources holding up the rest of the market. Resources were the best performers with Metals & Mining leading the way while Utilities, IT and Property lead the way down. Central banks take center stage on Super Thursday (1) US Fed is the big show… will... Show More

Sunset Strip | Aussie Afternoon Institutional Market Wrap

Mathan Somasundaram

Aussie market started relatively positive and the optimism subsided through the day to finish a slight positive. Banks and Resources were the main drivers again, but there were signs of profit taking from the morning pop. The global investors were back buying banks and miners as the currency moved up,... Show More