Mathan Somasundaram

Local market was smacked down after US market decided to hit the reverse button after optimism was far ahead of valuation. The last time the local market took a worse belting was in Nov 2016. US market moved into second part of “Buy the rumour, Sell the fact” trade as... Show More

Canaccord Genuity

The Australian Focus List contains our top-15 stock picks across a diverse group of sectors. This quarterly report provides a one-page summary of each pick and includes our investment recommendation, potential catalysts, and bull/base/bear target price scenarios. One of those picks is SpeedCast International (ASX: SDA). SpeedCast has experienced rapid... Show More

Platypus Asset Management

"Despite the dearth of earnings growth in the market, there are still good companies trading at reasonable prices. High-quality small caps are generally growing faster than the economy at large and are typically taking market share as well. One such company is TFS Corporation – one of a few legitimate... Show More