Big versus Small Company Investing

Hugh Dive

Over the past twelve months small companies (as measured by the ASX’s Small Ordinaries) have returned 22%, outperforming large caps (ASX Top 100) by almost 10%. This has led to numerous articles in the financial press claiming that small is beautiful and that investors should look beyond large Australian companies... Show More

25% further downside for Telstra?

Andrew Lewandowski

Telstra has been a core portfolio holding for many investors after being privatised at $3.30 per share in 1997. Today, the stock is trading at $2.73, well below its initial public offering price 21 years ago. Show More


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Is it time to buy Telstra?

Livewire Exclusive

Telstra shares are down 34% over the last 12 months. It’s been a painful period for many investors, especially when accompanied by a dividend cut. The problems for the company are now well-known: falling revenues from fixed line disconnections (partially offset by payments from the NBN) and margin pressure in... Show More

telstra ASX:TLS

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Will Telstra’s new strategy turn its fortunes around?

Tim Kelley

Following on from my post about seeing value in Telstra, now that the much-anticipated Telstra2022 strategy is in the market, we like the new direction, and sense that TLS’s share price plunge may be coming to an end. Show More

ASX:TLS Australian value investing

How to identify a sustainable dividend

Livewire Exclusive

For the income-focussed equity investor, there are few things that strike fear into the heart more than a dividend cut. The capital losses alone can destroy years of income, and that’s before you even consider the reduced dividend stream. Telstra has fallen nearly 30% since announcing its dividend cut in... Show More

income investing ASX:MTS ASX:NAB ASX:TLS ASX:TCL Equity Income

Australian Results Season: Resurrection or Crucifixion?

Marcus Padley

Here is the ASX 200 results calendar - the results season is still a couple of weeks away. As usual, it is a best endeavours calendar, some companies simply don’t set a reliable date. The big companies generally do. Show More

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Feast and Famine: Contrarian investing with Allan Gray

Livewire Exclusive

As the GFC started to unfold, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) quickly fell in value, from a generous premium to just 75% of their book value. Allan Gray saw a contrarian opportunity, stepped up to the plate, and started investing in the sector. Show More

allan gray ASX:TLS contrarian investing CIO Profiles

The next twelve months for investors

Alex Cowie

What does the new financial year hold for investors? We asked a panel of nine respected managers from across the markets for the 5 key issues for FY19. Read on for the key points of their analysis on LICs, small caps, big caps, income, fixed interest, growth, global, Asia, and... Show More

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The next bluechips to cut their dividends

Jason Teh

“You can hold a rock concert, and that’s okay. And you can hold a ballet, and that’s okay. Just don’t hold a rock concert and advertise it as ballet.” ~ Warren Buffet. Show More


Business Insights Across the Market

NAOS Asset Management

“So much of investing these days considers only the short run that I think there’s great scope for superior active investors to make value-additive decisions concerning the long run” Howard Marks, Co-founder/Co-Chairman, Oaktree Asset Management Show More


Telstra – Trap or Treasure?

James Gerrish

Back on the 22nd of May, I made a bet with one of the dealers on our floor. He thought Telstra would see a $1 handle before a $3 handle. I was on the other side, and after today, I’m more confident that I’ll prevail. Show More


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What Mattered Today; Telstra higher ahead of investor day tomorrow

James Gerrish

Australian stocks enjoyed a strong hour or so of outperformance this morning with the banks again offering support to the index, however the war of words between Donald Trump and his Chinese counterparts over trade intensified putting pressure on US Futures which turned sharply lower – Asian markets also copped... Show More


Buy Banks & Sell Resources - has this call got legs?

James Gerrish

These markets are becoming extremely interesting as we start to see the “risk on theme” gather momentum at the expense of the more recent “safe haven” favourites e.g. last week we saw A2 Milk (A2M) +5.6% & Telstra (TLS) +5.8% while CSL Ltd (CSL) -2.5% & Cochlear (COH) -4.8%. Fridays... Show More


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Buy Hold Sell: 5 favourite yield stocks

Buy Hold Sell

Income investors once turned to high-yield stocks as the income from traditional sources dwindled. But what should holders of those high yield stocks now do as bond yields creep back up again? As yields on the two asset classes converge, equities become relatively less attractive, and analysts have to use... Show More


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Why we see value in Telstra

Tim Kelley

Over the last two years, the ASX200 accumulation index has delivered a total return of around 25% which has been a pretty solid result for equity investors generally. During that same period, however, Telstra shares have delivered a negative total return of close to 30%, making Telstra the weakest performer... Show More


Why we see another 3-4% upside & where to invest now

James Gerrish

Last week was a fascinating one in equity land with MM again becoming bullish the local ASX200 targeting the 6200-6250 area, now only around 3% higher. It was refreshing to see local stocks, even in the face of the Hayne royal commission, sit in the winners cycle of global indices... Show More


When will telcos bottom?

Buy Hold Sell

The telco sector caused widespread pain in 2017 when it lost 23% to finish as the worst performing sector on the ASX. And not even 4 months into 2018, the sector is already down another 14%. You may well be asking: When will this end? In this special thematic episode... Show More

buy hold sell ASX:TLS ASX:TPM ASX:VOC

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Key calls on major markets & stocks for the week ahead

James Gerrish

It’s currently very easy to get caught up in the negativity surrounding stocks as a potential Trump-China trade war dominates the press, interestingly something that was not getting any air-time whatsoever 3-months ago nor being touted as a potential ‘threat’ to the market. However let’s stand back and consider what... Show More


The difference between bonds and shares in a severe correction

Elizabeth Moran

The endless days of a fantastic summer are disappearing as is the consistent, upward trend of higher share prices, with volatility returning to the market. The sharp but relatively small correction in equities early February was enough to make investors stop and reassess portfolio allocation strategies. There comes a point... Show More

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Podcast: Profiting from the global rise of internet usage

Peters MacGregor Capital Management

In the third episode of the Peters MacGregor Global Investing Podcast, Nathan Bell, Head of Research, and Trevor Scott, Senior Investment Analyst, compare and contrast the digital landscape and internet service providers in Australia and around the world. With growing internet usage demands and consumption of online content around the... Show More