Where to find opportunities in large companies

Clime Asset Management
Clime Asset Management Funds Management & Stock Research

There is so much confusion about the stocks in the ASX’s large-caps index, the ASX 50. Some investors see them as ‘blue-chips’ by virtue of their size and longevity, and thus see them as long-term portfolio holds. Others think the ASX 50 is largely useless: a motley, concentrated index of... Show More

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Aussie tech stocks Versus Alphabet

Sam Granger
Sam Granger Totus Capital

There has been some recent commentary from a number of market participants suggesting that the US tech sector is “crowded” and “expensive”. In reality, the valuation of Alphabet compares very favourably to the Australian tech sector and the broader market. Show More

The Global Mid - Small Cap Opportunity

Arik Star
Arik Star Ellerston Capital

Most Australian investors domestic equity exposure is diversified across large, mid and small cap companies. Mid/small cap companies like Qantas, Treasury Wines, Cochlear, Computershare and NextDC have been some of the best performers on the ASX in recent years benefitting the returns of domestic equity portfolios. However, to date, any... Show More


The cynical power of earnings revisions

UBS Asset Management
UBS Asset Management Fund Manager

The correlation between earnings revisions and share prices and the impact on investor behaviour is well-known. Clearly this suggests either sell-side analysts (rather than actual investors on the buy-side) drive share prices, or most buy-side investors don't form their own views and just follow brokers. Show More


Buy Hold Sell: 5 Household stocks

Buy Hold Sell
Buy Hold Sell Livewire

In this week’s episode of Buy Hold Sell, Catherine Allfrey from Wavestone Capital and Chad Slater from Morphic Asset Management share their view on Flight Centre, Harvey Norman, Coca-Cola Amatil, Qantas, and Treasury Wine Estates. Show More

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4 outstanding results this week

Livewire Exclusive

Telstra's plunge stole the limelight this week, but there was one telco at the smaller end that did well for investors. Read on for the results highlights of this stock, and for three other standouts, picked by Simon Shields, Monash Investors; Alex Shevelev, Forager Funds; Andrew Smith, Perennial Value, and... Show More


First Impressions from Reporting

Bell Potter
Bell Potter Stockbroker

In this daily reporting season update, we provide first impressions on key takeouts from companies reporting today, including QBE Insurance (QBE), ASX (ASX), Wesfarmers (WES), Cochlear (COH), Telstra Corporation (TLS), Mirvac (MGR), Tatts Group (TTS), Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) and Adelaide Brighton (ABC) with links through to more detailed reports. Show More

5 megatrends we are investing in

Rob Tucker
Rob Tucker Chester High Conviction Fund

We have used the megatrends framework as a template for several years, simply as a way of formulating a framework for how we start filtering down the investible universe into stocks that we ultimately focus on. We revisit this every 6-12 months to assess where the opportunities are to find... Show More

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Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170801

Mathan Somasundaram
Mathan Somasundaram Blue Ocean Equities

Local market climbed out of US weak sentiment to deliver a positive day on the back of better commodities and China data. US data out tonight will deliver more clarity on the US Fed outlook while underwhelming US reporting season needs to maintain the pace to support the market multiples.... Show More

3 ‘go-to’ stocks starting to crack?

James Gerrish
James Gerrish Market Matters / Shaw and Partners

While the banks have shown expected weakness, it is other areas of the market that have caught our eye as they start to lose their lustre after being strong for years. We look at 3 examples today, with all being quality businesses… but you have to ask: what price should... Show More


CommSec: Woolworths and the Amazon threat

Matthew Haupt
Matthew Haupt Wilson Asset Management

This week I sat down with Tom Piotrowski from CommSec to discuss Wilson Asset Management’s large cap LIC, WAM Leaders . In addition, I discuss the Australian insurance market, Woolworths and the Amazon threat, local infrastructure and the strengthening US dollar. Show More

China - cheers!

Alex Moffatt
Alex Moffatt Joseph Palmer & Sons

Good morning, the big news of the past 72 hours is the announcement by the Chinese President of a pledge of USD124 billion for his Silk Road plan which will boost global trade through expanded infrastructure across the old Silk Road route. In further good news, China has just surpassed... Show More


10 key themes and 29 ways to play them

Morgans Financial Limited

Equity markets remain at the mercy of abnormal macroeconomic conditions such as unconventional central bank interest rate settings and heightened political uncertainty. Making bold portfolio decisions amid such uncertain conditions is a difficult and potentially hazardous exercise; hence our cautious Asset Allocation settings. Despite these challenges, we think that enduring... Show More

Buy Hold Sell: Travel, Leisure & Pleasure

Buy Hold Sell
Buy Hold Sell Livewire

In this episode of Buy Hold Sell Matthew Kidman from Centennial Funds hosts Justin Braitling from Watermark and Julian Beaumont from Bennelong. The panel take a look at 5 companies that are exposed to the theme of travel, leisure and pleasure. Show More


Reporting season's best and worst

Hugh Dive
Hugh Dive Atlas Funds Management

This week saw the end of reporting season for 180 of the ASX200 companies and around 2,000 of the companies listed on the ASX. Over the past month these companies revealed their profit results for the last six months and provided guidance as to how they expect their businesses to... Show More

Sunset Strip > Australian Market Trading Day Wrap

Mathan Somasundaram
Mathan Somasundaram Blue Ocean Equities

Afternoon report and wrap on the days trading, the local market had a strong day led by the banks which were spurred on by comments from the US Fed Chair Show More

Treasury Wine Estates Half Year Result - TWE doubles profit on Diageo purchase & China sales

CommSec Online Stockbroker

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) – the company behind well-known brands like Penfolds, Wolf Blass and Lindemans - has more than doubled its first half net profit to $136.2m For more Reporting Season coverage, please visit Show More

First Impression: Treasury Wine Estate (TWE) 1H17

Bell Potter
Bell Potter Stockbroker

Volume Up 18.7% to 18.7m 9L cases: Aus and NZ: NSR up 1.5% to $322.8m, EBITS up 13.2% to $53.1m. Americas : NSR up 25.6% to $566.3m and EBITS up 75.4% to $90.7m. Europe: NSR up 22.4% to $187.5m and EBITS up 34.3% to $23.1m. Asia: NSR up 38.7% to... Show More

ASX:TWE February 2017 Reporting Season

Aitken: 3 mispriced growth stocks

Livewire Equities

With resources back in vogue investors have moved quickly to price in an meaningful uplift in earnings. Charlie Aitken from Aitken Investment Management says rather than trying to chase momentum, investors would do well trying to identify companies where growth is being overlooked. “I think the more interesting part is... Show More


Agricultural Investment in Australia

Hugh Dive
Hugh Dive Atlas Funds Management

Over the last few weeks, it appears that Gina Rinehart’s Australian Outback Beef (67% Hancock Prospecting/ 33% China's Shanghai CRED) has won the bidding war for the Adelaide-based pastoral company S.Kidman & Co Ltd. If this $365 million deal is approved by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), the combined... Show More

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