Concept stocks the professionals like

Livewire Exclusive

A significant amount of capital has flowed into concept stocks in recent months as hot themes caught the imagination of investors. This surge has pushed the smallcap index to almost 20 times 2018 earnings, with many stocks at a multiple of this. But high valuations mean high expectations, and given... Show More


Announcing the winners of Livewire readers’ 2017 stock picks

Alex Cowie

It is time to call a winner on the Livewire 2017 outlook series stock calls. To recap, this time last year, we asked readers to participate in our survey, the final part of which was a stock pick. There were over 630 submissions, with more than 230 different stocks named.... Show More


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Updater gets moving on monetisation

Neil Carter

Every year, there are around 17 million house moves in the US. As anyone who’s moved house in recent memory will confirm, it’s generally a frustrating and time consuming process. Updater (ASX:UPD) helps tenants update their address through mail forwarding, changing utilities, and getting a new cable provider. Show More

ifm investors ASX:UPD

Fund managers, Readers and Sharesight users: Whose 2017 picks are leading?

Alex Cowie

At the end of 2016 we surveyed contributors and readers for their top stock pick for this year. Our friends at Sharesight polled their users too, and have just updated us on which of these three groups is in the lead… Show More


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Buy Hold Sell: 5 hot small-caps

Buy Hold Sell

High expectations, high growth, and high risk. Small cap tech stocks are not for the faint of heart; high potential returns are on offer though, if you get the call right. So, find out whether it’s time to subscribe or delete these young companies, with Roger Montgomery and Neil Carter. Show More

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Livewire readers' best performing stock ideas: The final quarter

Alex Cowie

At the start of each year, we poll our readers for their best stock idea as part of our Outlook Survey. With just one quarter to go, it’s time to check in to see which calls are leading, and hear what our contributors are saying about them. Show More

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Updater hits key milestone early

Foster Stockbroking

Updater Inc. is a US based technology company that has produced a software platform to improve the relocation process. It recently passed its 15% market penetration target, five months ahead of schedule, and follows quickly on the heels of an 11.7% market penetration announcement, some three weeks prior. Show More


3 Emerging technology companies with a global opportunity

Paragon Funds Management

In this wire we provide an overview on three emerging technology companies with the following attributes: 1: A globally unique technology offering with proven capabilities on the world stage; and 2: A high calibre management team that maintain absolute alignment and have established and built the company personally. Show More


What could Updater be worth?

Tim Hannon

While most of our positions are in companies in the traditional real estate and infrastructure sector, we are also able to make investments in real estate technology companies. One company that earned our interest was Updater (UPD), a company solving a real problem that we could relate to. Show More


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Livewire readers' Top 20 stock calls

Alex Cowie

It’s time to observe the halfway-mark for Livewire readers’ 2017 stock picks, nominated in December as part of our Outlook series. Read on to see the current top twenty, some recent contributor commentary on them, and the spreadsheet for the full list of 261 stocks with key metrics. Show More

Updater continues upward move

Robert Frost

US-based technology company, Updater, Inc. (ASX:UPD), had a strong quarter on the back of ongoing penetration of the US mover market and strong validation of its product from its pilot program with US insurance major, Liberty Mutual. Show More

Readers' stock ideas: Best and worst in Q1

Alex Cowie

With the quarter drawing to a close, it’s time for our first check up on the performance of Livewire readers’ stock ideas from our 2017 outlook survey. This table highlights the ten leaders, as well as the ten laggards. You can access the spreadsheet for all 263 stocks below. The... Show More

Updater’s first pilot exceeds expectations

Foster Stockbroking

Updater Inc. is a US based technology company that has produced a software platform to improve the relocation process. Movers can use the UPD platform to streamline the administrative side of relocating and talk to a multitude of service providers through the one portal. Conversely, UPD’s platform also allows businesses... Show More

ASX:UPD Updater

Updater: A moving small cap story

Matthew Langsford

What if your business had a critical ‘churn event’? That is, a period in time when a large number of your existing customers switched from your product or service to a competitor’s. Rather than advertising continuously in an attempt to prevent churn; what if there was a product that enabled... Show More

small cap small cap ideas ASX:UPD Updater Terra Capital upd

Growing market share to unlock massive revenue opportunity

Foster Stockbroking

Updater’s (UPD) online platform provides movers with a seamless process to enable transferring of insurance contracts, utilities, forwarding of mail, updating of accounts and the many other tedious tasks associated with relocation. The typical mover wastes around 10 hours reaching out inefficiently to individual businesses currently to update their records... Show More