5 potential short-squeezes going into the end of financial year

James Gerrish

Coming into the end of the financial year, it's time to look for stocks heavily shorted by traders and hedge funds. Hedge funds often like to lock in profits before the EOFY creates “pops” in the respective companies, and / or simply “clean up” their positions. Show More


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When will telcos bottom?

Buy Hold Sell

The telco sector caused widespread pain in 2017 when it lost 23% to finish as the worst performing sector on the ASX. And not even 4 months into 2018, the sector is already down another 14%. You may well be asking: When will this end? In this special thematic episode... Show More

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3 fallen angels revisited

Dean Fergie

There's a saying that investors should never try to catch a falling safe. To elaborate on that phrase, we like to let the safe hit the ground, see a few dollars fall out, and then walk up and collect a portion of the loot. Show More

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The New Criterion: blockchain's likely ASX winners and losers

Tim Boreham

According to someone more boned up on the topic than your columnist, self-executing digital contracts have been around since at least 1994 - when Paul Keating still ruled the land with his colourful invective. Show More

See what The CEO's thought of Tourism, Vitamins and Commercial Property this week

NAOS Asset Management

“Currently less than 10% of Chinese nationals actually hold a passport, and that's a population of 1.3 billion. The opportunity for tourism in New South Wales and Australia is massive” Geoff Culbert, CEO, Sydney Airport Show More

What Mattered Today; Seasonality for Gold

James Gerrish

Another day that saw the best of it in early morning trade before sellers started to dominate from around 10.30am onwards. Iron Ore was sold in Asia with Futures trading around 2% lower which prompted a ‘sell the strength’ trade for the commodity stocks – Fortescue gave back early gains... Show More


Dogs of the ASX …. Woof Woof!

Hugh Dive

In this week’s piece written from snowy Norway, we are going to look at the “dogs” of the ASX, focusing on large capitalisation Australian companies with falling share prices. Additionally, we are going to sift through the trash of 2017 to try to discern any fallen angels with potential to... Show More

See what The CEO's thought of Wool Prices, Selling into China and Dairy this week

NAOS Asset Management

“Anyone in Australia who thinks they can just find a Chinese partner and have instant success in selling their products there is kidding themselves” Mark Allison, CEO, Elders Show More

Opportunities for investors in telco

Investors Mutual

Telstra has a strong position, with 50 per cent share of both fixed line and mobile markets. Importantly, it also has an even more dominant position in the very profitable corporate, government and enterprise service areas. The profits from these businesses, together with its strong balance sheet, position the company... Show More


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Buy Hold Sell: 5 out-of-favour stocks

Buy Hold Sell

Everyone loves a bargain, but buying out-of-favour stocks can be a risky business. The five stocks discussed in today’s episode have fallen an average of 32% over the past year, so is it better to snap up some value, or avoid the falling knives? Show More


Fund managers, Readers and Sharesight users: Whose 2017 picks are leading?

Alex Cowie

At the end of 2016 we surveyed contributors and readers for their top stock pick for this year. Our friends at Sharesight polled their users too, and have just updated us on which of these three groups is in the lead… Show More


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NBN and beyond: are returns of Australian Telcos under threat?

Investors Mutual

The NBN rollout continues to change the dynamics of Australia’s telecommunications industry, with slower revenue growth leading to increasing competition across the sector. And in an environment where even Telstra has recently reduced its dividend, is the Australian Telco sector still one worth investing in? Show More


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Sifting Through Fallen Angels

Alex Shevelev

Buying unloved stocks is part of the DNA at Forager. Most of the funds’ excess returns over almost eight years have come from buying stocks that other investors hated at the time we acquired them. Think Service Stream in 2013 or Cardno in mid-2016. Show More

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Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170821

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market fell on global sentiment despite bounce in Iron Ore and Oil. US market heads the negative catalyst list. US market risk remains key for local market…(1) VIX looks to break above post election high (2) Russell 2000 (i.e. US domestic facing) has pulled back below 200 day MA... Show More

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170810

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market fell back into negative territory in the afternoon as global investor support for the banks ran out. The local market has gone nowhere in the last 2 months…23 up days and 22 down days. RIO going ex div weighed on the materials sector. Property sector giants in SCG... Show More

Hold the phone... How are the Telcos?

Roger Montgomery

The telecommunications sector endured a horrible year in 2016 with slumping share prices reflecting the uncertainty of the viability of various business models ahead of the completion of the NBN rollout. Downgrades, writedowns and capital raisings are just some of the events shareholders themselves have had to endure. Show More


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Profit warnings and profit upgrades in 2017

Richard Coppleson

Of the profit warnings this year, 81% of them have been "downgrades". I have found some really interesting observations that I’ll mention through this note that are worth being aware of, before then discussing the main 15 "Positive" Profit Warnings in 2017. Show More

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Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170705

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market ran into some profit taking after a big run yesterday. We continue to see miners and short covering leading the way while currency and bond proxies are seeing selling pressure. US market was closed for holiday last night and everyone should be back on board tonight…some after a... Show More

Caution with Telstra this reporting season

Morgans Financial Limited

This August will be a critical time for Telstra (TLS) shareholders, as we will likely hear the Board’s view on dividends and/or capital management in a post-NBN world. Over the next five years TLS's earnings are propped up by one-off gains (disconnection payments) from the NBN, which more than offset... Show More


Telco: Planning for the future under an NBN

Morgans Financial Limited

The National Broadband Network (NBN) has changed the competitive landscape dramatically and by June 2017 the NBN will account for 30% of all household fixed line internet connections, which makes the implications hard to ignore going forward. Telstra has been progressively releasing the implications to its earnings and details of... Show More

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