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Angela Mangan

The ASX200 index generated a technical sell signal at 5229 on 2/11/16, as detailed in recent Wire Yesterday it reached an intra-day low of 5052 (versus the nominated downside technical target located at 5050). The expected rebound today on the ASX200 index may continue in the short-term but is unlikely... Show More

Christopher Joye

In The AFR I present one of my more important analyses of the major banks---a must read for anyone with equities exposure---that tears apart leading analyst forecasts to find an essential Achilles heel at the heart of current valuation models. In short, even the more gloomy analysts like UBS's No.... Show More

Christopher Joye

Apparently Westpac was compelled to improve the skinny margin on its new ~$1bn perpetual non-voting equity hybrid following my AFR critique last week. "As a result of the AFR's analysis there was clearly investor resistance and Westpac was forced to push up the margin a solid 20 basis points to... Show More

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Christopher Joye

In The AFR today I address the uncertainty swirling around APRA's finding that the major banks are short 200 basis points of "capital" and speak to a large institutional investor who thinks CBA should take the cheapest equity in history off the table via a $10 billion rights issue. The... Show More