Business Insights Across the Market

NAOS Asset Management

“The switch from traditional fuels into renewables is just a massive switch, and we're seeing it across so many different businesses that we are working with – not just our own business, but so many different businesses out there, where the energy profile they are looking at is changing as... Show More

Where ideas come from

Marcus Padley

For individual investors, one of the biggest challenges is uncovering new investment ideas. While fund managers have brokers and investment banks regularly knocking on their doors trying to sell their latest deals, other investors must be more creative. Here are 11 sources of stock ideas for the private investor. Show More


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What Mattered Today; A2 Milk whacks it out of the park!

James Gerrish

Almost a mirror image of yesterday’s trading day today with the market following the overseas lead lower early, before buyers stepped in with the market bouncing in and out of positive territory throughout the afternoon. Reporting once again dominated today, it was Aussie investors first opportunity at BHP after their... Show More


The winners and losers from rising growth

Avoca Investment Management

During the month of January, equity investors showed little apparent concern for value. As we write this report, the market is becoming increasingly concerned with nascent inflationary signs and rising interest rates. The momentum of investor fuelled, low volatility / low interest rate trade that has grossly inflated pockets of... Show More


Australia’s infrastructure boom is coming

Patrick Poke

As the housing construction boom comes to an end, the obvious question for investors is ‘where next?’ One potential opportunity lies in transport infrastructure construction, which is poised to double over the next few years. Between roads and rail, annual spend is expected to increase to $16B by 2020. Show More

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Highlights and let-downs from small-cap reporting

Livewire Exclusive

It’s been a pretty ordinary decade for the ASX Small Ordinaries Index, which remains more than 30% below its 2007 peak. However, it’s a market that’s ripe for producing alpha; according to Lonsec, all but one of the small cap managers in their coverage outperformed their benchmark over five and... Show More

small caps ASX:MND ASX:SVW ASX:WOR ASX:PGH ASSX:SIQ small capss

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170525

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market flip flopped to finish in the positive mainly due to Resources. Market likely to remain volatile in the short term with macro risks while medium to long term view remains positive. The best performers were Miners, Energy and Utilities while IT, Staples and Health Care were the worst... Show More

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170228

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market ran into more profit taking ahead of the State of Union address by the US president and the US GDP update on the last day of the month as well as the last substantial reporting season date. Miners and ET related selling in Gold equities drove the market... Show More

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170227

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market ran into more profit taking on US fiscal uncertainties, upcoming US Fed / Chinese NPC meetings, Euro elections and Brexit worries on stretched global market valuations. Consumer Discretionary, IT and Health Care tried to keep the market higher while Resources and Financials weighed it down today. Energy sector... Show More

Sunset Strip > Australian Market Trading Day Wrap

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market bounced off the lows from the morning selloff to halve the losses. Result update selloff in BXB and WOR drove industrials and energy sector as the worst performers on a day the market lacked any sentiment. CSV delivered another downgrade and it keeps the IT sector in higher... Show More

Brambles, Worleyparsons, GWA Group - First Impressions from reporting

Bell Potter

Brambles (BXB): Divisional EBIT: Pallets Americas down 9% to US$186.6m; Pallets EMEA: Down 2% to US$171m; Pallets Asia Pacific: Up 9% to US$35.1m; Containers: Up 47% to US$20.3m; RPCs: Up 31% to US$76.5m. | Net operating cash flow down 8.4% to US$582.3m. | Outlook: New guidance sees constant FX sales... Show More

ASX:BXB ASX:GWA ASX:WOR Longform February 2017 Reporting Season

A sector that stands out in terms of uncertainty

Livewire Exclusive

With reporting season picking up pace, Livewire interviewed Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, Editor of FN Arena. Rudi has kindly allowed Livewire to publish his ‘Reporting Season Monitor’ for Livewire readers each week, and ahead of this, we interviewed him to get his thoughts of how this season might unfold. He makes the... Show More

Mining dominates ASX200 leader board

Alex Cowie

Mining, and mining related companies, completely dominate the list of the best performing ASX200 stocks over the last twelve months (Click below for table). And with US rates surging again on last night’s Fed decision, the push to value continues. In last week’s Buy Hold Sell, we hosted Value investing... Show More

Changing times for smallcaps

UBS Asset Management

The environment for equity investing has become a little more challenging in recent months in the wake of developments such as Brexit and the Trump presidency. Rising longer term interest rates (bond yields) and the risk of higher inflation in developed economies (fiscal policy returning to the fore?) has seen... Show More

Home Bias in securities markets

John Kimber

I moved to the United States in 2012 and did my US securities exams (again) before spending several years testing various research and other data bases to arrive at tested conclusions about suitable strategies for Australian investors in offshore markets and US investors in the Australian market. The question I... Show More


First Impression: WorleyParsons (WOR) FY16 Result

Bell Potter

Sector result: Hydrocarbons down 32.1% to $329m, margin 7.7%; MM&C down 14.2% to $39.9m, margin 6.2%; Infrastructure up 213.6% to $59.9m, margin 6.1% (Resurgence in power business and Saudi Arabia infrastructure activity) | Net operating cash flow down 23.5% to $192m. Show More


WorleyParsons well positioned to benefit from oil price recovery

Robert Frost

Many investors would be surprised to hear that the once mighty WorleyParsons (ASX:WOR) has fallen back into the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Index following the global oil price rout that hit WOR’s earnings hard and left the balance sheet over geared. Nevertheless, extensive due diligence has convinced us that management is... Show More

Buy Hold Sell: 5 Stocks on the move

Buy Hold Sell

The ASX200 has recovered +5% since the recent low on the 12th of February. While the reviews coming out of reporting season are mixed there have been a handful of stocks that investors have cheered on a rampaging rally. In this episode of Buy Hold Sell we look at 5... Show More

Week ahead in AGMs: 26-30 October 2015

Avatar fallback

Week 3 of the AGM season and a few companies have the conditional Board Spill resolution (explained in this ) on the agenda (first strike at the 2014 AGM), including McMillan Shakespeare, Newcrest Mining, UGL, Mortgage Choice, Codan Limited, Samson Oil & Gas. You can find the note at... Show More

WorleyParsons 2015 AGM: deferred STI scheme

Avatar fallback

WorleyParsons' 2015 AGM on 27 October features a resolution to grant 100,175 share price performance rights (SPSRs) yielding up to 200,350 shares on vesting. Vesting depends solely on share price: the difference between $7.26 (10 day VWAP following release of FY2015 results) and the share price at the end of... Show More