Patrick Poke

Over the weekend, Berkshire Hathaway released Warren Buffett’s annual letter to investors. There’s little doubt in my mind that this is the single most widely read piece of financial content in the world each year. This is now the seventh time I’ve read it at release, and roughly the 40th... Show More


It’s rare to see investors agree on a topic, but when Livewire recently reached out to Roger Montgomery, Ben Rundle, and Jason Teh to find out which ‘super investor’ had influenced them the most, they all agreed: Charlie Munger. Perhaps this shouldn’t be so surprising, given Munger’s influence over his... Show More

Patrick Poke

Berkshire Hathaway held its AGM in Omaha, Nebraska in the early hours of Sunday morning local time. The annual ‘Woodstock for capitalists’ continues to draw huge crowds hoping to hear the wisdom and wit of two of the world’s great investors. Buffett and Munger are now 87 and 94 years old... Show More

Patrick Poke

Having just consumed Buffett’s most recent letter to Berkshire Hathaway investors, I thought I’d share some of the most interesting parts with Livewire readers. Buffett is clearly not familiar with the concept of ‘talking your own book’ (an industry term for unabashedly talking up one’s own investments), happily taking swipes... Show More

Tim Kelley

There is no debate about the long-term investment success delivered by Berkshire Hathaway. Since 1965, compound growth in per-share book value of Berkshire has far outstripped growth delivered by an investment in the S&P500 Index, resulting in an exceptional long term investment experience for Berkshire’s owners. However, while the long-term... Show More