Capital Group

Income Series 2019
Matt Reynolds

Income helps provide a stable source of returns. Capital Group developed the Global High Income Opportunities strategy (GHIO) 20 years ago. Within this strategy, we look to invest in corporate high-yield and emerging market debt, as they usually offer significantly higher yields than developed market sovereign bonds, and the income... Show More

Matt Reynolds

Asset allocation is one of the most important investment planning decisions. The key question: What is the best mix between stocks and bonds, and how should that mix change over time? By focusing on diversification, however, we may lose an important distinction: Not all equities are created equal.Different types of... Show More

Paul Hennessy

China’s internet companies are developing cutting-edge mobile applications and leapfrogging the titans of U.S. technology in certain respects. China is no longer simply a tech copycat: Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu are playing a leading role in China’s shift to a consumption-led economy. Capital Group expects increasing amounts of mobile innovation... Show More