Alex Cowie

One of the most engaging parts of my role at Livewire is working with Australian fund managers to discuss their views and bring you great content. With over 400 managers now contributing to the platform, overseeing the content can feel like being at the epicentre of the market. So with... Show More

Matthew Haupt

2018 has proven to be a tumultuous year for the Australian equity market. Key themes driving the market’s decline and heightened volatility have included the increase in government regulations, escalation in trade wars and attempts to control the global oil surplus. Show More

Pete Morrissey

Remember Clive Dunn, star of BBC post-war sitcom Dad’s Army? His character, Lance Corporal Jones, would descend into a state of hysteria at the first mention of Hitler. “Don’t panic, don’t panic”, he would shout at his card-playing comrades, embodying the reaction he was urging them to avoid. Show More

Sebastian Correia

We have seen growth stocks pull back in recent weeks on the back of sky-high valuations and subdued market sentiment. Whilst some growth stocks may have flown too close to the sun, we believe others have demonstrated a sustainable trajectory into FY19. A good example is Nearmap (ASX:NEA). We've been happy... Show More

Shane Fitzgerald

For our Livewire Christmas Cracker, we discuss why we have shorted a number of Aged Care stocks. Firstly, because of the upcoming Royal Commission. and secondly, the risk to incoming bed pricing and the associated RAD flows due to the slowdown in the housing market. The potential impacts from the upcoming... Show More

Airlie Funds Management

When asked for a strong investment idea on Livewire's Buy Hold Sell, Matt Williams offered up Origin Energy (you can see it here). So, for Livewire's 2018 season of Christmas Crackers, Matt expands on our investment case for this compelling opportunity in the ASX Top 20. Show More

David Whitten

The silver lining of the weak commodity prices between 2011 and 2016 was that many companies within the natural resources sector were forced to become much more disciplined in their operations and expenditure. This shift ultimately left companies in far better shape to capitalise on opportunities, while ensuring more stability... Show More

Geoff Wood

In our office, we have switched from Secret Santa to Bad Santa. In Bad Santa, each member of the office draws a number from a hat. The lowest number then starts by picking and opening a present from a pile of wrapped presents. The next lowest number has the choice... Show More

Mary Manning

The positive trade outcome at the recent G20 meeting and dovish comments by US Federal Reserve Chairman Powell are both important catalysts for a rally in Asian markets into the year-end and early 2019. So for our Livewire Christmas Cracker, we are taking a look at a very attractive buying... Show More