Christopher Dixon

In ancient times early cartographers would illustrate mythological sea monsters into the edges of their maps. The fantastical images of serpents and basilisks represented dangerous areas where ships had been lost, and unexplored territories through which mariners feared to sail. Says Thomas Sander of the Washington Map Society, “It was... Show More

Shane Oliver

Getting your personal finances right can be a challenge. Here are 13 tips that may be of use: shop around when it comes to financial services; don’t take on too much debt; allow that interest rates can go up as well as down; allow for rainy days; credit cards are... Show More

Marcus Padley

A lot of trading books and courses will tell you in the first paragraph “Treat it as a business” and whilst that’s boring, it’s right. And one of my tennis partners has another trading cliché, “Do not trust yourself”, which is really the same thing. The more investment, and the... Show More

Alex Cowie

Platinum Asset Management’s Founder Kerr Neilson is a fund manager who needs no introduction. Kerr recently sat down with Platinum's Julian McCormack to discuss timeless investment principles, the big issues today, and what he’s excited about ahead. We have prepared the following transcript for you, with a link to the... Show More

Daryl Wilson

Much has been written about the plan by the Federal opposition (likely to be the next Government) to abolish franking credit refunds. Along with removing negative gearing for existing housing and a 30% minimum tax rate on family trust distributions, this amounts to a three-pronged attack on Australian investors. Show More

Michael Goldberg

Much has been made of the increased popularity of passive investing, and rightfully so. Markets have generated excellent returns over the long term, and index tracking Funds or ETF’s provide very low-cost exposure to highly diversified portfolios. However, in this wire, we explain what it has in common with investing... Show More

Robert Frost

The emergence of a US-China trade war (via the threat of tit-for-tat tariffs) has, not surprisingly, spooked investors and led to heightened volatility in global markets in recent weeks. The feud began in March when Trump announced a plan to tax steel and aluminium from China and other countries. Since... Show More

Andrew Mitchell

One important thing for investors to think about is how to ensure that the portfolios can be meaningfully protected through inevitable periods of downturn and ensure you remain well positioned to participate in the resultant recovery. In this wire, we discuss five key ways to achieve this. Show More