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He’s going the distance, he’s going for speed

Brett Gillespie

Have you ever pushed the limit? Sure you have, just that little bit further, just that little bit faster. It’s the secret to success. But also sometimes disaster… Perhaps nowhere is breaking that limit as obvious as on a race track. Yet how many of us, as amateurs, love to... Show More

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When will rates rise in Australia?

Crestone Wealth Management

Rates are rising in the US, but it is less clear when Australia will follow suit. At our recent Investment Forum, we hosted six of Australia’s top investment strategists to discuss when the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) might hike, and to ask several other key questions, including where they... Show More

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The Rules of Investing: Finding opportunities in unusual places

Livewire Exclusive

We all know that big caps are growth-constrained and mid and small caps are where you find the real opportunities in the market. For example, a2 Milk has seen its share price jump more than 20 times in three years to give it an $8 billion market cap, taking it... Show More

ellerston capital mid cap Podcast ASX:EGI

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The five charts the experts are watching right now

Livewire Exclusive

Bond markets recently slapped equity investors in the face with a 50-basis point reminder of who is really in charge here. As the famous quote from James Carville goes: “I used to think that if there was reincarnation, I wanted to come back as the president or the pope or... Show More

China: What to Expect in the Year of the Dog

Dr. Mary Manning

China has finished the Year of the Rooster on a strong note. The Hang Seng China Enterprise Index (HSCEI) was one of the best performing markets in the world in January up over 15%. The Hang Seng Index also performed strongly up 10%. While the global market volatility in early... Show More

China ellerston capital hong kong hang seng

Right into the danger zone...

Brett Gillespie

It was February 4th, 1994, and I was on a plane to LA from Sydney. I was treating myself to 4-week holiday skiing in Aspen and then on to New York; 1993 had been a good year. Initially when my boss, Richard Farleigh, had resigned 10 months earlier I wasn’t... Show More

Removing barriers to your performance

Brett Gillespie

It’s the time of year we typically take stock – both personally and professionally. And if you are reading this, presumably financially as well. And we make our New Year resolutions! Of course, we joke about NY resolutions, because so many of us fail to keep them. So why make... Show More

ellerston capital global macro

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Livewire Summer School: November rain, and insurance claims

Livewire Exclusive

Guns N’ Roses released their first debut album titled “Appetite for Destruction” in July 1987. Three months later one of the most violent and unexpected equity market corrections in US history occurred. The Dow lost 22.6% of its value on Black Monday, and the causes behind the dramatic fall are... Show More

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Burning down the house

Brett Gillespie

In 1989, I was hired by Bankers Trust as a graduate to work at the Sydney Futures Exchange. I pulled on the colourful jacket and went into the “pits”. It was heady and exciting times, and opportunities presented quickly. Within 6 months, I was trading the biggest book on the... Show More

ellerston capital global macro Australian housing

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Finding opportunities on the road less travelled

Arik Star

In global developed equity markets the mid/small cap universe is more than five times the size of the large cap universe. Within that global mid/small cap universe, EGI focusses on change; companies going through what we call a period of price discovery. This typically includes spin offs, fallen angels, management... Show More

ellerston capital contrarian global equities ASX:EGI

All roads lead to Asia in 2018

Dr. Mary Manning

Asia is the fastest growing region in the world, with average GDP growth of 2 to 3 times that of Australia and other developed countries. Despite compelling growth and valuations, it is difficult for Australian investors to access Asian markets directly. Ellerston Asian Investments (ASX:EAI) offers an easy and efficient... Show More

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Investing with India’s powerful tailwinds

Livewire Exclusive

Mary Manning, Portfolio Manager at Ellerston Asian Investments (ASX:EAI), is drawn to the growth opportunities available in India. She explains that many of the challenges facing Australian industries are the reverse in India, creating powerful tailwinds. This short video highlights three ways Mary is investing in India’s stunning growth outlook. Show More

india demographics ellerston capital ASX:EAI Investing in Asia

US rates will rise faster than expected

Livewire Exclusive

Tim Toohey, former Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs, was the #1 rated economist on the Greenwich survey for 13 years. Earlier this year he teamed up Brett Gillespie Portfolio Manager of Ellerston Capital's new Global Macro Fund. Livewire spoke with Tim about his strong view on how US rates could... Show More

Is North Korea an Investment Risk?

Dr. Mary Manning

Korea is the epicentre of escalating geopolitical tensions between the US, China and North Korea yet the KOSPI Index is near all-time highs. EAI analyst Eric Fong recently visited Seoul and the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). The cosmetics and travel sectors remain poor risk/reward while the technology sector continues to offer... Show More

What Will a Trump Presidency Mean for Asia?

Dr. Mary Manning

As the inauguration of President Trump approaches, it is important for investors in Asia to have a view on what his Presidency will mean for the region. We break the issues down into three main categories: trade policy, currency implications and foreign policy. Show More

asia ellerston capital Longform Asian Equities Trump

Ellerston cautious on tech valuations and PE IPO's

James Marlay

Ellerston cautious on tech valuations and PE IPO's. Ashok Jacob, the head of Ellerston Capital, has warned that technology stocks and IPO's spun out of private equity are due for a day of reckoning. Jacob believes that whilst the broader market will be fine there are certain sectors looking like... Show More

ipo technology ellerston capital