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Patrick Poke

It’s a rare opportunity to get to sit down with an economist of the calibre of Tim Toohey from Ellerston Capital. He was formerly the Managing Director, Chief Economist, and Head of Macro Strategy for Australia and New Zealand at Goldman Sachs, where he earned a reputation as one of... Show More

Mary Manning

Asia is the best structural growth story in the world driven by strong demographics, a rising middle class, infrastructure build and technological leapfrogging. We believe that the combination of high growth and reasonable prices offer a compelling opportunity. Show More

Expert Insights

Volatility is a fact of investing in financial markets. But rather than working against it, Bill Pridham, Co-Portfolio Manager at Ellerston Global Investments, says that savvy investors can make volatility work in their favour. For businesses whose earnings are not linked to the economic cycle, market volatility can provide an... Show More

Arik Star

Think of a business that has 50% market share; number one position in an oligopoly. A business whose average client length is over 20 years. This is a business with 90% revenue visibility. That’s the business I spoke about at the Future Generation Investment Forum in the video below. Show More

Mary Manning

2017 was characterized by a marked deterioration in relations between the United States and North Korea. Kim Jong Un launched at least 20 missiles last year with each test showing improved range and technical capabilities. In response, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted US-drafted economic sanctions against North Korea and... Show More

Expert Insights

Connected lighting represents an enormous opportunity around the world. The global leader in this industry is Phillips Lighting. Here, Arik Star from Ellerston Global Investments explains how they built conviction in their Phillips position. Key points: Philips Lighting is made up of four divisions; conventional lighting, LED lighting, connected LEDs... Show More

Tim Toohey

Over the past month our leading indicators of the industrial cycle have shown signs of peaking. The real question is whether this suggests the industrial cycle is merely temporarily interrupted and rapid global growth will soon return; whether we are through the fastest phase of acceleration in the cycle, and... Show More

Expert Insights

After a benign few years in financial markets, Arik Star, Portfolio Manager at Ellerston Global Investments, says this year will be “materially different.” In this video, he discusses the major shifts underway, how to invest in these conditions, and outlines two stocks with strong tailwinds. Key points: The macro environment... Show More