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Alex Pollak

Broker calculators have been running red hot over the past week working through the implications of the large cash balances of some of the world’s largest companies, now that Apple (which is now up 10% in the past month) has told everyone that it is going to undertake what looks... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Hamish Douglass, the CIO of Magellan will be contributing his ideas to the upcoming Livewire Live event on 26 July at the ASX. In his keynote presentation Hamish will be taking us on a journey to the future to help us understand the most powerful trends that you’ll need to... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

May 2017 marked the first month since September 2016 that the Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index outperformed large caps. Livewire reached out to six small cap specialists to ask: “Is this a turning point”? The consensus seems, with some terms and conditions, to be: “Yes”. Read on for responses from Wilson... Show More

Jordan Eliseo

On Friday the 9th June, the AFR ran an excellent article on the new breed of superannuation funds hitting the Australian market place, most of whom are targeted towards Gen-Y and millennials, Australia’s most populous generation. “Inside the multi-billion dollar battle for Millennials’ super”, which you can access here, looked... Show More

Roger Montgomery

Asset prices across all investment classes are at record highs, including and perhaps especially assets that produce no income. That takes in items such as the two-digit New South Wales numberplate that sold for $745,000 and the Basquiat painting sold this week for $US110.5 million — a record for post-1980... Show More

Michael Gable

Back in August last year we published an article in the Australian Financial Review with our views on the chart for Woodside (WPL) and how it was shaping up as a trade. We noted at the time that WPL was looking positive again and that it should head up towards... Show More

Vimal Gor

Perhaps to say that there is complacency in the market is too broad a generalisation, it just seems like there are just so many contradictions out there currently. Equities and fixed income markets are saying very different things; while the S+P 500 and VIX are very sanguine, US bonds are... Show More

Callum Thomas

As the Fed meets to make its June monetary policy decisions, the consensus (and my view) is that they will hike interest rates again. This will add to the interest rate differential support for the US dollar and driver further policy divergence. This comes at a time where the US... Show More

Buy Hold Sell

With well-publicised crash warnings rattling the market, and Morgan Stanley saying Australia is overvalued and uncoupling from global markets, we ask Mark Whittaker of Investors Mutual, and Joe Magyer of Lakehouse Capital how they view current valuations, and how they approach these market conditions. Show More

Michael Gable

There has been talk of a housing bubble for many years now. With households highly leveraged, a significant increase in interest rates or high unemployment may have dire consequences on borrowers’ ability to repay their mortgage. But if there was a housing crash, how would this affect our stock market? Show More

Glennon Capital

Over the past few weeks we have written about the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet, and how understanding both is critical to working out how a business operates. But as the saying goes, cash is king, and the cash flow statement is really at the core of... Show More

Angus Coote

There continues to be evidence to support the Jamieson Coote Bonds team's thesis that investors should be re-assessing their portfolio construction and risk allocations to avoid unintended heightened bank/financial related exposure. JCB's approach is one that diversifies investors away from such exposures whilst providing a cornerstone defensive portfolio allocation. These... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Value is hard to find in the market today, so in the third and final part of our recent brief, we asked our panel of experts to share an investment that offers an attractive risk-reward proposition. Interestingly both equity calls are in the bruised-and-beaten retail sector. Our asset class call... Show More