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The dichotomy in business today

Amit Lodha
Amit Lodha Fidelity International

Technology is enabling businesses to start up at lower costs than ever before. Whether it’s renting server farms from Amazon Web Services, purchasing subscription software on a monthly plan, or hiring cheap developers from overseas, the digital age has brought a myriad of options to entrepreneurs. Show More

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Why we sold Amazon

Livewire Exclusive

Amazon has been a long-term holding in the Fidelity Global Equities Fund, but Portfolio Manager, Amit Lodha, says they’ve recently exited their position, citing three key reasons for the change. Amit shares his views in the video below. Show More

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How the banks are fighting disruption

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A few years ago, there were concerns over ‘disintermediation’ of the major banks – fintech disruptors were slowly chipping away at the various services the banks provide. Now, it’s a very different story. The banks are spending up on technology investment, with JP Morgan dedicating US$9B to technology each year. Show More

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Q4 Investment Outlook: Braver for longer…

Fidelity International
Fidelity International Fund Manager

How long can the good times roll? The second-longest yet arguably most-hated bull market in post-war history just grinds on and on, while investors get more worried by the day. Valuations in some areas are certainly becoming stretched, but overall they remain some way off the peaks seen in 2000.... Show More

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Why we like a2 Milk and WiseTech Global

Kate Howitt
Kate Howitt Fidelity International

Two of the largest positions in the fund right now have been a2 Milk and WiseTech Global. Both of these are stocks that have done tremendously well and whilst we remain very optimistic about their outlook, there's always a risk that any kind of stumble is going to be really... Show More

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A good week to be thinking about risk

Tom Stevenson
Tom Stevenson Fidelity International

This is a good week to be thinking about risk. A string of natural disasters in the Americas and a potential man-made catastrophe in Asia coincide with the anniversaries of two events that caught us napping in years past. None of us will forget this day 16 years ago when... Show More

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Taking advantage of the Internet of Things

Fidelity International
Fidelity International Fund Manager

The Internet of Things is a “global ecosystem of connected physical objects that can sense the environment, send data, communicate information without any human intervention.” By 2020, the amount of Internet-connected things will reach 50 billion, with an estimated $19 trillion in profits and cost savings coming from the theme... Show More

One place to find structural growth

Fidelity International
Fidelity International Fund Manager

“Disrupters are a source of structural growth. They are those companies that are using innovation and technological advancement to disrupt current market players, current industries and drive a different type of growth than cyclical or economic growth.” In this video series, Alva Devoy, Investment Director at Fidelity International introduces six... Show More