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Timing a Plunge With Managed Funds

Steve Johnson

My advice has been consistent over the years: get your portfolio allocation right and let us worry about the timing. It’s fair to say it’s a piece of advice widely ignored. Show More

Dividend Imputation Should Change

Gareth Brown

This will be short and likely controversial. There’s a lot of vitriol about dividend imputation these days. Much of it is misguided. However widely practised around the globe, double taxation of corporate earnings is unfair. Most countries acknowledge that fact indirectly by having low tax rates on dividends. Our dividend... Show More

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One Big Lesson from the Big Un Debacle

Steve Johnson

Some of the red flags at Big Un were obvious. Perhaps the biggest was the change in auditor, from PKF to the highly illustrious accounting firm Rothsay Resources. And the business model was sketchy. There were “characters” involved. The stock failed the sniff test. Show More

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How to Navigate a Bull Market

Forager Funds

In our most recent webinar, Steve Johnson, Gareth Brown and Alex Shevelev discuss avoiding speculative madness, the importance of staying invested and at the same time, holding cash when necessary. You can listen to the full webinar at the bottom of this article or fast forward to the relevant area... Show More

Fragmenting Social Media and Facebook’s Withering Popularity

Steve Johnson

Fair enough. I haven’t used it for years. And I don’t like it. Which means I’m predisposed to seeing signs of decline when they don’t exist. But Facebook’s latest results at least give me some evidence to work with. Show More

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Why even small panics matter

Gareth Brown

Sitting in a pub with property man Pete Wargent a few months ago, we were discussing the property market of Sydney in the 2008-10 ‘downturn’. I use inverted commas because barely a blip registered on any city-wide measurement of house prices. Show More

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Why declining businesses are hard to stomach

Alvise Peggion

Forget pizza, bruschetta, risotto and pasta. What I most miss about Italy is mortadella, a pork sausage flavoured with spices and pistachios. It may not be fancy but it is loaded with flavour, and great childhood memories. Show More

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Philo a Death Knell for Cable TV

Kevin Rose

Marc Andreessen, founder of famed venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and co-author of the world’s first widely used web browser, believes there are “only two ways to make money in business: One is to bundle; the other is unbundle.” Show More

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The Looming Oil Shortage

Steve Johnson

Four long and mostly painful years. That’s how we feel when reflecting on for Forager’s investments in the oil slick. There have been a couple of successes, one disaster and an inordinate amount of volatility. Show More

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Sifting Through Fallen Angels

Alex Shevelev

Buying unloved stocks is part of the DNA at Forager. Most of the funds’ excess returns over almost eight years have come from buying stocks that other investors hated at the time we acquired them. Think Service Stream in 2013 or Cardno in mid-2016. Show More

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The Value of Cash

Gareth Brown

Forager’s two funds have quite high cash weightings today. It’s almost 28% in the Australian fund and 30% in the Forager International Shares Fund. On our recent roadshow tour, many intelligent questions were asked about the current cash weightings. Is it reflective of our thoughts on value available in stockmarkets?... Show More

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Forager Australian Fund set to close, with plan to list on ASX

Steve Johnson

With investment performance and inflows continuing to be strong, we are approaching the point where we will close the Forager Australian Shares Fund (FASF) to new investments. We believe a sensible size limit on the strategy is $150m to $200m in total assets. It is our view that managing more... Show More

What’s the magic in picking stocks?

Livewire Exclusive

For most investors identifying new opportunities is a perpetual challenge. So how do professional fund managers set about narrowing down the universe of stocks into market beating investments? Steve Johnson, Chief Investment Officer at Forager Funds, says it boils down to understanding your strengths and focusing on your competitive advantages.... Show More

Buy Hold Sell: Fallen Angels

Buy Hold Sell

When stocks are sold off widely as we’ve seen lately, there’s always some which are unjustly caught up in the malaise. In amongst the negativity and fear, it is difficult for investors to separate the wheat from the chaff. Magellan has been one of the top performers on the ASX... Show More

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How to find undervalued gems and avoid the shockers

Steve Johnson

If you’re interested in hearing what Forager’s Chief Investment Officer Steve Johnson has to say, then why not join us at a special presentation later this month. The event, taking place in both Sydney and Melbourne, will be a great opportunity to see how the Forager team thinks when valuing... Show More

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Hansen Technologies - the benefits of bills

Intelligent Investor

Hansen Technologies - the benefits of bills! At a recent investor day, Matt Ryan presented on one of the largest investments in the Forager Australian Shares Fund - Hansen Technologies. Hansen provide customer care and billing solutions. Matt explains why this is a great business, and therefore why bills are... Show More

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