Alex Cowie

Some of the industry’s leading fund managers took to the stage today as part of Future Generation’s Investment Forum, with each manager sharing their top stock idea for the year ahead. If you were unable to tune in, you can watch this valuable series of snappy presentations here, alternatively, I... Show More

Oscar Oberg

I can honestly say that as a father of two young kids, having a baby for the first time is definitely the most rewarding thing I've ever done. But I tell you what, it's tough. I mean, think of all the dirty nappies, the endless crying, the spewing, and my... Show More


Recently, we had the opportunity to work with the Australian Shareholders Association (ASA) to showcase ideas and strategies from a range of Listed Investment Companies (LICs). The idea is to give you access to the managers behind the funds, how they present their value proposition, and for them to share... Show More


We kept notes for you yesterday at the Future Generation Investment Forum, where a dozen of the best Australian and global fund managers each presented an investment idea. Read on for summaries of the insights from Magellan, Watermark, VGI, Lanyon, Antipodes, L1 Capital, Cooper, Centennial, Morphic, ARCO, and Wilson. ... Show More