One company that ticked all the boxes

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Investing in global stocks requires a global perspective, says Garry Laurence, Portfolio Manager at Perpetual. That means getting your feet on the ground and doing real research. In the video below, he shares a recent example from the Perpetual portfolio, and explains how they built conviction in their view. Show More

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Podcast: Profiting from the global rise of internet usage

Peters MacGregor Capital Management

In the third episode of the Peters MacGregor Global Investing Podcast, Nathan Bell, Head of Research, and Trevor Scott, Senior Investment Analyst, compare and contrast the digital landscape and internet service providers in Australia and around the world. With growing internet usage demands and consumption of online content around the... Show More

Uncovering value in India

Peters MacGregor Capital Management

Chief Investment Officer, Wayne Peters, and Head of Research, Nathan Bell explain the investment case of listed holding company, Fairfax India. Fairfax India provides investors exposure to high quality private and public businesses in India. Fairfax's key assets include Bangalore International Airport, IIFL Holdings, NCML and Sanmar Chemicals. Show More

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FAANGs too expensive? Consider the WAMITs.

Stuart Pearce

Much has been written about the FAANGs - Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (Alphabet). With a combined weighting of almost 5% in the MSCI World Index, and returns of 43.3% over the year they have largely driven US and global indices. Not so much has been said about the... Show More

Weight Watchers International (WTW) – A Turnaround

Gary Hui

“The worse a situation becomes, the less it takes to turn it around, and the bigger the upside.”* WTW is one of our fund’s largest positions and has advanced over 50% in the last 3 months, yet valuation remains undemanding, offering potential large upside. Show More

On the ground: Insights from Europe

PM Capital

PM Capital's Chief Investment Officer Paul Moore and Portfolio Manager John Whelan recently completed a research tour of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain. In this video, Paul and John review their tour, sharing insights which show us that some current market beliefs are misconceptions, and that new opportunities are... Show More

Five new research ideas

Patrik Sjöblom

During the course of three weeks on the road that took me through Washington, New York, London, Stockholm, and Japan, I met with 52 companies, 5 of which are new names that we have identified as priorities to undertake deeper research work on. This trip also allowed me to attend... Show More

Fundamentals will always ‘trump’ fear – Paul Moore

PM Capital

The reaction of the markets was instructive on the day of the election results. Once the outcome was known, Asian and European markets placed their bets and markets sold off. By the end of the following day’s US trading, they were proved to be 100% incorrect. So even with a... Show More

2017: Adapt or perish

Fidelity International

A re-evaluation of investment theses is underway across all asset classes, industry sectors and geographies. Investors must quickly adjust to rapid shifts in the investment landscape’s tectonic plates or risk losing ground. We remain structurally positive on technology stocks thanks to strong levels of innovation. While smartphone growth is fading... Show More

Here's what Apple is doing about its first annual sales decline in 15 years

Alex Pollak

You wouldn’t expect the world’s most successful company not to be thinking seriously about what it should do next. Here are two things. Show More

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Strange(r) Things: A follow-up analysis on the Netflix quarterly results

Chad Slater

One of the things about working in markets, is that you spend a lot of your time being wrong. This can be difficult to accept for many people who, by their nature, want to be right or have been told they are right. Markets don't care much for your opinion... Show More

The perils of the low rate world

Jacob Mitchell

Generational low interest rates are symptomatic of lower growth and inflation, made acute by central banks reacting to structural factors such as ageing populations, integration of savings rich economies into the world economy, offshoring and more recently deleveraging and excess export capacity. Increasingly, there is mounting evidence that distortions are... Show More

Where has the growth gone? You have to know where to look

Nathan Bell

Investors with a portfolio of top-20 Australian stocks have recently been asking where the growth has gone. Looking at global GDP figures you’d be forgiven for thinking that there isn’t any growth anywhere. At least not that’s available at an attractive price, given the current high valuations for stocks offering... Show More

Dylan wins a Nobel Prize. Times they are a changin’ in the markets too.

PM Capital

Paul Moore, Chief Investment Officer and founder of PM CAPITAL, says recent noise in investment markets linked to specific events such as Brexit has hidden the fact that the world is at an inflection point. Interest rates may have hit their lows after an historic bull run and he says... Show More

Why should Australian investors have a greater focus on investing offshore?

PM Capital

Paul Moore, CIO and founder of PM CAPITAL discusses with CommSec’s Tom Piotrowski why he believes investing globally currently provides a better risk reward proposition for Australian based investors. Firstly, investors get access to "businesses that are selling twenty to thirty per cent cheaper than similar companies here in Australia".... Show More

Liberty Broadband broadcasts great news

Peters MacGregor Capital Management

It’s been two months since we first spoke about Liberty Broadband on Livewire and now with its share price is up nearly 40% since we purchased it during the rout in February. Charter Communications, the major investment for Liberty Broadband, has received approval to acquire Time Warner Cable, increasing... Show More

NextDC: A stock the market has misunderstood

PM Capital

NextDC is an ASX listed company which owns and operates data storage facilities for the technology industry. Uday Cheruvu, Portfolio Manager at PM CAPITAL, believes the company is misunderstood and that the market has been slow to come to grips with NextDC’s ‘non-linear’ earnings. “The fact is that the data... Show More

Global Shares – China woes create Asian buying opportunity

Schroders Australia

Despite recent market events, not that much has actually changed in China. It’s more a case of the “chickens coming home to roost” as policy mistakes and major policy contradictions come to a head. Overall we will use further falls in Asian equities as an opportunity to invest in good... Show More

Global Shares – Outlook 2016: Asia ex Japan Equities

Schroders Australia

Asia continues to offer significant structural advantages in terms of growth potential over the longer term, but there are short-term headwinds that need to be factored into investment decision making. Asian companies are faced with three key global trends which will impact the landscape: demographics, deflation and disruption. Our preferred... Show More

Offshore diversification will take some of the sting out of this bite...

Alex Pollak

Why is it so important to hold a portion of your investments offshore? Markets have been selling off heavily in the past few weeks - the ASX is off 8% and the S&P500 is off 10%. The Australian dollar, which as a commodity currency goes down when China and resources... Show More

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