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Last week, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) published its review of HFT (REP 452: Review of high-frequency trading and dark liquidity). As computer-based trading dominates trading activities in our market, it makes a timely and important review by the Commission. While it concluded that HFT activity is not... Show More

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Australia should tax speculation. The Federal Government is determined to slash expenditure and introduce a deficit levy, which could hit economic growth, yet ignores a tax on speculation. Why? The tax would also help address Australia's so-called budget crisis. A mere 0.2% duty on all ASX transactions would raise $2 billion... Show More

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BestEx provided Livewire with an exclusive Q&A on HFT: Much of the opposition to HFT in Australia has been emotional and ill-informed. HFT has been described as 'legalised front-running' and unfairly accused of causing market instability. Opponents have called for the practice to be banned, arguing that participants that don't... Show More

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Let's stick to evidence based debate around HFT. Last year an ASIC taskforce conducted thorough analysis on HFT in Australia. It concluded HFT supplied liquidity more than it demanded it and found no evidence of systematic misconduct. It also found market participants confused HFT activity with algorithms used by more... Show More

Bell Potter

Bell Potter Managing Director, Charlie Aitken, has provided further commentary to Lafitani Sotiriou's Sell recommendation of the ASX, in addition to his views on High Frequency Trading. Read the full article published by Fairfax media via this link http://www.smh.com.au/business/markets/highfrequency-trading-is-legalised-scalping-20140410-36ep1.html Show More

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Industry Super Network claims HFT costs Australian investors $1.5bn per year while others argue it is irrelevant - how do we reconcile these claims? Both are correct. The Australian market structure is more balanced than the US with less fragmentation, standardised co-location, messaging taxes and a ban on payment for... Show More