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Domestically focused investors will most likely be ‘diversified’ primarily across four banks and two miners, a strategy that exposes you to shifting rate markets and the vagaries of the commodity cycle. In contrast, investing globally opens up the full spectrum of sectors, but the question then is how to do... Show More


There are only two times in history that the market has been more expensive than today; March of 2000, and in 1929. Students of financial history would recognise these ominous dates, as they preceded two of the largest crashes in the last 100 years. Disconnects like this require a major... Show More


‘Economic moats’ allow companies to maintain their competitive advantage, so are essential for long-term profitability, but also for responding to a structural threat. Warryn Robertson, Portfolio Manager at Lazard Global Equity Franchise lists a cluster of stocks in this short video, whose moats enabled them to turn such a threat... Show More

Emerging markets have begun to recover following several years of flat returns following the GFC. Rohit Chopra, Portfolio Manager for the Lazard Emerging Markets Equity Fund, believes that strong company fundamentals and growing economies have created a positive environment for emerging markets equities. Show More

Dr Philipp Hofflin, Portfolio Manager at the Lazard Australian Equities Team, is excited about Woodside’s recent acquisition of an increased share of the Greater Scarborough gas fields. While the development is capital intensive initially, the ongoing capex is minimal, and it will be highly cashflow generative. Show More

In emerging markets, there’s a small group of Chinese technology businesses that get all the attention. These firms make up a large part of the emerging markets index but offer few opportunities for the contrarian investor. Here, Rohit Chopra from Lazard Asset Management explains where they’re finding opportunities today. Show More

There’s never a dull moment as an emerging markets investor, says Rohit Chopra, Portfolio Manager at the Lazard Emerging Markets Equity Fund. Being successful in emerging markets requires strong conviction, and the patience to ride out volatility. Watch the short video below to hear more. Show More

Traditionally, yields on Australian government bonds have been higher than their US counterparts. In fact, the last time US bonds traded at a premium was nearly 20 years ago. That changed recently as a booming US economy and lacklustre Australian economy conspired to drive the differential below zero again. Show More

For professional investors, mistakes are not a rare occurrence. Common wisdom holds that if you get six out of 10 correct, you’re doing pretty well. The key is learning from your mistakes, so you can avoid repeating them. Edward Rosenfeld, Portfolio Manager at the Lazard Global Small Caps Fund, says... Show More

With around 8,000 small caps to choose from around the globe, narrowing down that universe is a key part of successfully investing in this area. Edward Rosenfeld, Portfolio Manager at the Lazard Global Small Cap Fund, says there are four essential elements that they consider when assessing a potential investment.... Show More