William Gormly

Listed investment companies (LICs) can provide investors with an interesting opportunity; purchasing a portfolio of securities below the intrinsic NTA value. However, 30% of the 114 LICs were trading at a discount greater than 10% at the end of January. Show More

Daryl Wilson

What attracts us to the LIC sector is the opportunity not only to access a range of very good investment managers, but also to potentially buy some LICs at very attractive discounts to NTA value. Show More

Daryl Wilson

The LIC sector is a fascinating market to operate in. Sometimes IPOs are well supported and discounts to NTA narrow, and at other times (such as now) the overall sector feels soft and many LICs trade at greater than average discounts. Show More

Alex Cowie

The whole Livewire team is laser-focused on constantly improving your user experience, with relevant, readable content at the heart of that experience. To ensure the content keeps hitting the mark, we monitor a suite of data points. One we put a lot of weight on is the humble ‘like’ button... Show More

Andy Forster

In recent years, global listed infrastructure has underperformed broader equity markets as investors maintained their appetite for riskier asset classes. However, amidst recent market volatility, global infrastructure demonstrated its generally defensive characteristics to outperform broader equity markets. Show More

Daryl Wilson

Much has been written about the plan by the Federal opposition (likely to be the next Government) to abolish franking credit refunds. Along with removing negative gearing for existing housing and a 30% minimum tax rate on family trust distributions, this amounts to a three-pronged attack on Australian investors. Show More