Investing in undervalued international growth companies

Geoff Wilson

Over the last decade shareholders have been asking us to establish a listed investment company (LIC) that provides exposure to undervalued international growth companies selected under the Wilson Asset Management investment strategy. Show More

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Protecting investors through ‘skin in the game’

Steven Fleming

Despite the complex name, securitization is a simple concept. Securitization is taking an illiquid pool of assets and converting them to liquid securities. Securitization got a bad rap in the wake of the GFC, but in Australia, there are important differences to the “sub-prime” market in the USA. This video... Show More

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Three LICs for turbulent times

Daryl Wilson

At the start of February, markets reminded investors that shares don’t always go up in a straight line. The Australian market dropped over 5% from its recent highs, and the US market dropped over 10% from its top. Considering the gains in the market over the past year, these are... Show More

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Uncovering value in India

Peters MacGregor Capital Management

Chief Investment Officer, Wayne Peters, and Head of Research, Nathan Bell explain the investment case of listed holding company, Fairfax India. Fairfax India provides investors exposure to high quality private and public businesses in India. Fairfax's key assets include Bangalore International Airport, IIFL Holdings, NCML and Sanmar Chemicals. Show More

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3 LIC’s we love right now

Daryl Wilson

Below are three LIC’s we believe are currently some of the most attractive. As at 23 August 2017, all three are significant holdings in the Affluence LIC Fund. But first, a brief update on some key events in the sector. Show More

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Red flag in Magellan's massive new ASX trust

Christopher Joye

In the AFR I explain my involvement in helping shape the unprecedented new listed investment company (LIC) structure pioneered by global equity hedge fund VGI Partners, which for the first time ever will involve the fund manager---and crucially not the LIC's investors---paying 100% of the enormous 3% sales commissions offered... Show More

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10 things LIC investors must consider

Daryl Wilson

Through LICs you can access many different managers, asset classes, geographies and investment strategies. One of our funds invests only in LICs, so we spend a lot of time looking for investment opportunities in the sector. Here are ten things you need to consider before making any LIC investment. Show More

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How to profit from liquidity provision in LICs

Chad Slater

There was an excellent article on Livewire last week looking at some Listed Investment Companies (LIC) trading at a discount that offer good chances to profit for investors. Today, I offer another way that investors may not always consider: IPO investors to offer liquidity on the stock exchange. Show More

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3 LICs that we love

Daryl Wilson

We are at an interesting stage in the cycle, with the ASX 200 hovering around recent highs, global equities looking expensive, and calls for boom and bust from different forecasters and commentators. At Affluence we know we don’t know the future, but we can assess current opportunities. Below are three... Show More

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Morphic launches new ethical LIC

Jack Lowenstein

We are the first generation to experience climate change, and we are the last that can do anything about it. Morphic strongly believes that better investing can make the world a better place, and that there is no need for it to involve things that make us all poorer. Show More

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Antipodes IPO: Global exposure with less risk

Jacob Mitchell

The initial public offering for Antipodes Global Investment Company Limited (ASX:APL) opens today. The LIC provides investors with access to an actively managed global equities portfolio in the convenience of an ASX listed vehicle. The portfolio will be predominantly comprised of long and short positions in international listed securities and... Show More

Baillieu Holst June LIC Report

James Nicolaou

The following report contains a LIC sector update and performance review of our coverage list for the month of May 2016. Top picks: Our top picks refer to preferred exposures within each sector based on numerous quantitative and qualitative factors. However, they should not be treated as official stock recommendations... Show More

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Investing principles for all market conditions

PM Capital

Paul Moore, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, of PM CAPITAL believes that in order to consistently deliver outstanding returns you need to be doing something different from the crowd. For over 30 years PM CAPITAL has used the same three guiding principles to help build a unique investment track record.... Show More

Top stock picks – October 2015

James Nicolaou

We select the top picks across our 71 mid and small cap stock universe, as well as the outlook for the economy and equity market. We also provide our key insights from our listed investment company (LIC) coverage. The top stock picks are shown in the table below (alphabetical order).... Show More

How has Cadence Capital Limited (ASX:CDM) performed with currency exposure and how does it look going forward?

Murdoch Gatti | York Wealth Management

CDM is a LIC with a long/short Australian and international equities investment strategy. Approximately 18 months ago, the Manager began investing in international equities and such securities have become a material component of the portfolio. The currency exposure to date has been unhedged, introducing an additional performance variable in the... Show More

New LIC to deliver income and diversification

Livewire Exclusive

Contango Asset Management has launched a new LIC with the dual purposes of providing reliable income and portfolio diversification. The Contango Income Generator (ASX:CIE) will invest in high quality ex-30 stocks that have relatively lower volatility, sound balance sheets, consistent and franked dividends, and sustainable earnings growth. George Boubouras, CIO... Show More

How have LMI's performed for March 2015?

Murdoch Gatti | York Wealth Management

At March-end 2015, there were 65 Listed Investment Companies (LICs) and Listed Show More

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Baillieu report on 14 international LICs

James Marlay

Baillieu Holst have released their latest report on international LICs. The report shows the international sector has significantly outperformed the domestic sector with average Total Shareholder Return (TSR) of 29.0% and 4.8% respectively over the prior 12 months ending 30 April 2015. This has been attributed in large part to... Show More


Argo gives investors what they want… diversification and dividends

Morgans Financial Limited

Argo Investments has launched a new global infrastructure focussed LIC and seeking to raise up to $600m via an IPO. The infrastructure portfolio will be actively managed by one of the worlds leading investors in listed infrastructure, Cohen & Steers, which oversees more than $70BN of FUM. The new entity... Show More

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Take your mind back to the investment markets of 2008 and you will recall a period of immense turmoil and fear

Clime Asset Management

Take your mind back to the investment markets of 2008 and you will recall a period of immense turmoil and fear. That year saw the start of the global financial crisis. Cracks were appearing in equity markets in late 2007 but things really got worrisome for investors when Bear Stearns... Show More

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