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Elizabeth Moran

The endless days of a fantastic summer are disappearing as is the consistent, upward trend of higher share prices, with volatility returning to the market. The sharp but relatively small correction in equities early February was enough to make investors stop and reassess portfolio allocation strategies. There comes a point... Show More

Marcus Padley

We are all flying through life. Busy busy busy. Important things to do. So very important. Can't talk, can't stop, can't go, can't come, can't make it, can't do it. Show More

John Hempton, a renowned Sydney based hedge fund manager, has doused fuel onto the property bubble debate. In an article published by Fairfax, Hempton shares details of an expedition undertaken to explore the 'underbelly' of Sydney's property market. The gory tale of empty apartments and dodgy lending has created some... Show More

Marcus Padley

I saw a chart on Bloomberg which rather amused me - so I have recreated it for you in this article. It is a chart that shows the bear markets in the MSCI world index since 1990. Interestingly we can name them all (see legend on chart) and the reasons... Show More